Plans for 2016-17 and Beyond


UBIT works closely with constituents across the Institution to identify IT initiatives needed for success. The accomplishments described above were based on prioritized requirements of the UB Academic and Research Divisions.

Some of the upcoming fiscal year plans include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wired Network Upgrade – As described in detail in the attached UBIT Budget Presentation, the wired network switchgear supporting all the in-building connections is beyond support by the vendor (Cisco). This is a major risk for the institution and restored funding is needed.
  • TAP Compliance Module – UBIT is working closely with the Office of Academic Affairs to scope and ultimately develop a software solution to ensure all students are aware of compliance for course selection.
  • Create PMO and Establish IT Governance Council – Based on external review and internal input, UBIT is in the process of establishing a PMO to support a comprehensive governance model for resource prioritization. This will be fully established in FY16-17.
  • Information Security Review – An assessment of the campus security position will be conducted in FY16-17. This effort was originally planned for the FY15-16, but staffing changes have delayed the effort until the next fiscal year.
  • Expand IT Customer Support Model to “Tech Squad – The successful implementation of the UBIT Help Center last year has paved the way for Phase 2 that expands this approach to IT field support. An aggressive campaign into the residence halls and academic units (in conjunction with Distributed IT) will enhance customer resolution of IT issues.
  • Continue Data Governance Activities - Obtain support for an improved business intelligence and data analytics strategy as agreed to by the Executive Governance Council and approved by the Provost.