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UBIT Top Projects

UBIT Top Projects



Campus Objectives


Projects that offer a new service, not offered before. Projects that completely transform or innovate business capabilities, technologies employed, the business workflow and/or the culture. Projects that provide the largest impact for the financial investment. Focus is on alignment with overall technology strategy and/or institutional goals.

Unique IdentiferRankCategoryNameDescriptionStatusTarget DateSponsorStageCurrent MilestoneMilestone DateCommentsCampus Objective
52.75TransformSelf-Service PrintingCreate a modern, efficient, convenient and sustainable public printing solution for the University.At Risk2017-08VPCIOInitiationModern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure
61.85TransformTech SquadProvide hands on support for student technology.On Target2017-01VPCIOExecutionSpace rehabilitation2016-12Curricular Innovation and Student Success
123.45TransformSciQuest ImplementationSciQuest has been selected as a replacement for UB's e-Procurement System. Implementation planning is underway.On Target2017-06VPFAPlanningDiscovery phase underway2017-04Institutional Resource Management
143.35TransformEAB Campus: GradesFirstSciQuest has been selected as a replacement for UB's e-Procurement System. Implementation planning is underway.On Target2017-04SVPAAExecutionSciQuest has been selected as a replacement for UB's e-Procurement System. Implementation planning is underway.2017-01Business Intelligence and Data Management and Curricular Innovation and Student Success


Projects that incrementally enhance, extend or differentiate - Focus is on improved performance/efficiency in workflow provided by additional features/functionality.

Unique IdentiferRankCategoryNameDescriptionStatusTarget DateSponsorStageCurrent MilestoneMilestone DateCommentsCampus Objective
22.35GrowMac Computers in Computing SitesDiversifying the computers available to students in public computing sites to include Mac.On Target2017-02VPCIOExecutionDeployment of equipment.2017-01Curricular Innovation and Student Success
42.55GrowModernizing Password ResetsUpdating password reset technologies to meet modern standards with an emphasis on self-service.Potential Issues2017-07VPCIOInitiationGain approval from Data Custodians.2016-12Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure
92.65GrowUBIT HomePage RedesignTo leverage findings of the UBIT HomePage usability study to arrive at a more intuitive and user friendly information architecture.On Target2017-07VPCIOPlanningProduce Draft for First Click Test2017-02UB Branding & University Communications
102.65GrowBlackboard Renewal/ReplacementUB's LMS contract with BlackBoard is up for renewal in 2017. Review BB's roadmap and future directions. Do an environment scan of competitors.Potential Issues2018-01VPCIOExecutionMove from BlackBoard on prem not planned at this point. New interface is only available in Cloud implementation.2017-01Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure and Curricular Innovation and Student Success


Projects with mandatory or regulatory requirements, utility projects to "keep the lights on," and projects related to life cycle management of hardware or software. The focus is on the risk to the organization and containing cost.

Unique IdentiferRankCategoryNameDescriptionStatusTarget DateSponsorStageCurrent MilestoneMilestone DateCommentsCampus Objective
12.75RunCourse Capture ReplacementReplace end of life solution with new, more flexible solution for course and event capture.On Target2017-08VPCIOExecutionFinalizing the RFP2016-12Curricular Innovation and Student Success
32.5RunBlock Storage Array Pair Replacementmid-range storage arrays for enterprise backups and campus video captures and archives; part of our SAN storage systemOn Target2017-03VPCIOPre-InitiationRFP in progress2016-12total capacity 160TB; it should be able to encrypt the storageModern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure
73.4RunDNS Server Replacement Replacement of DNS servers with Infoblox devices.On Target2017-06VPCIOInitiationLooking at hardware2017-03Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure
82.2RunAlert Tool ReplacementDue to the Wings server retirement, the current IT Service Status will need to be replaced by an independent system with the goal of improving communication channels for audiences.On Target2017-04VPCIOPlanningSelecting Vendor2016-12Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure
112.35RunWireless BOOST UpgradeAs UB makes a major investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure, Wi-Fi Boost will double our access points and upgrade UB's networks to the latest, fastest standard.On Target2017-09VPCIOExecutionHalfway through project2017-01Getting good reports from customersModern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure and Curricular Innovation and Student Success
133.1RunWings Replacementnew architecture for the Wings ServiceOn Target2017-08VPCIOExecutionPreparing infrastructure for initial migrations2016-12Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure



- Name of the project.


- The main purpose of the project.


On Target (Green) - All project activities are within scope, budget, and timeline.
Potential Issues (Yellow) - Challenges to project scope, budget, and/or timeline but manageable within project resources.
At Risk (Red) - Risks threaten project scope, budget, and/or timeline and not mitigated within project resources; may also indicate that the project is on hold or no longer budgeted.

Target Date

- The date the project is predicted to complete.


- The Academic or Administrative department requesting or affected by the project.


Pre-Initiation – Project approved but not started.
Initiation – Project started, resources being assigned, initial schedule being determined.
Planning – Scope and goal setting, work breakdown schedule, communication plan and risk management, purchases being made.
Execution – Project in process, status and tracking.
Closure – Project closed but not completed (canceled, budget cut, priorities changed).
Completion – Project completed and transitioned to operations.

Current Milestone

- The current stage or phase of the project.

Milestone Date

- The proposed completion date of the current milestone.


- A brief 2-3 sentences from the project Manager related to the current milestone or the status of the project if it is not on target.

Campus Objectives

RSE Development (Research, Scholarship and Economic Development) - Building on the foundation of our faculty excellence through investing in high-impact research across the disciplines; deepening our impact and outreach in the regional community by strengthening programs and partnerships that contribute to the social, cultural and economic vitality of Western New York; aligning our health science schools with key partners to improve health care outcomes and advance clinical research locally and globally.
Curricular Innovation (Curricular Innovation and Student Success) - Enriching the overall educational experience while raising the academic profile of our undergraduate, graduate and professional students; Strengthening our significant international presence and preparing our students to lead in a global society.
Infrastructure (Modern and Reliable Technology Infrastructure) - Improving academic support infrastructures to create a state-of-the-art educational and research environment.
Resource Mgmt. (Institutional Resource Management) - Promote continuous improvement through informed decision making in the allocation of financial, physical and human resources towards the accomplishment of the university’s goals for learning, research, outreach and engagement.
Communications (UB Branding and Digital Communications) - Move the university further into the top ranks of academically exceptional research institutions by bringing the UB brand to life, projecting it as a top tier university worthy of attracting the brightest minds in higher education. This is accomplished by deepening relationships to UB; illustrating the UB experience and the UB brand; providing quick access to information and services.
Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence and Data Management) - Enable the University to make more real-time decisions in regards to constituency engagement, student retention and program development; provide processes and infrastructure for the purposes of managing various types of university information and data.