Faculty IT Liaisons

faculty member on laptop.

The Faculty IT Liaisons group is composed of clinical or tenure-track faculty members at any rank at the University at Buffalo. The group participates in regular interactive sessions exploring new and existing technology at the university, facilitated by Valerie Nesset, Ph.D., Chair of the Faculty Senate IT Subcommittee and UB faculty member.

Faculty IT Liaisons also act as liaisons to their unit, holding participatory training sessions of technologies reviewed during design sessions.

Who Is Eligible?

For the project to be successful, a strong commitment is required by all participants. Faculty participants must be:

  • Full-time, clinical or tenure-track faculty members (Assistant, Associate or Full Professor)
  • Able to meet in person for multiple sessions over the academic year (roughly every three weeks)
  • Interested in, and somewhat familiar with, IT applications such as Blackboard (UB Learns) for teaching (Note: Non-IT experts are preferred)
  • Willing and able to act as a unit faculty liaison by holding participatory training sessions (with help of UBIT experts) of technologies reviewed in sessions

Benefits of Participation

Chosen participants for this group receive:

  • An active voice in what technologies are implemented and how
  • Increased familiarity and proficiency with technologies used at UB

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about this program, contact the Office of the VPCIO at vpcio@buffalo.edu.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.