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Matthew Marino

Jeff Fineberg

Matt Marino, Telecommunications Engineer, Network and Classroom Services

Keeping UB Connected

“The work I do in IT provides the communications systems necessary for professors to teach, students to learn and for researchers to be involved in their research.”
Matthew Marino, Telecommunications Engineer
Network and Classroom Services

Matt Marino wanted a change. After spending 17 years with Verizon, Matt decided to return to UB where he had earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering years before. He joined the Network and Classroom Services department as a Communications Systems Engineer.

At UB, Matt works with community partners including Buffalo State College, the City of Buffalo, the Department of Transportation (DOT), Kaleida Health, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), and the Town of Amherst. He’s involved in a daily exchange of resources around Western New York which keep UB connected through a vast fiber optic network.

Matt is responsible for developing a strategy between UB staff and local organization representatives in order meet common goals. He also often needs to make information more understandable to non-technical individuals. Matt added, “Many of these individuals are very intelligent, inspiring and enthusiastic in their work. When I can contribute my talents to accomplish a team goal, it’s very rewarding!”

With IT constantly changing and expanding, there are always new challenges and a demand to keep learning. “It makes for a stimulating work environment,” he added. “I’m excited about the changes in the developing Medical (Downtown) campus and UB’s ability to be a driver for the Western New York economy.”

“The work I do in IT provides the communication systems necessary for professors to teach, students to learn, and researchers to be involved in their studies,” Matt continued. “It is easy to take for granted the availability of UB’s communications network, but if it were to go down, everyone would be affected. The entire IT staff works very diligently to ensure that the network stays connected and to design and build an extremely reliable and robust system.”

Matt enjoys studying the Bible and is active in a Bible ministry, taking the opportunity to share what he’s learned with others. He also enjoys playing tennis, bicycling, and travel.