Felicia Heinz

photo of UB IT employee Felicia Ewert.

Felicia Heinz, Desktop and Mobile Support Technician, IT Customer Service

Working in a Team Environment

“My job has allowed me to grow working with other IT professionals in a team environment.”
Felicia Heinz, ITCS Field Services Technician
IT Customer Service

Where did you start your professional career?
I started my professional career here at the University at Buffalo.
What brought you to UB? 
I took a CSEA exam and got a job here at UB.
What are your current duties? 
My current duties as an IT professional is computer desktop support and some server work.
How do you help protect UB students, faculty and staff from identity theft, viruses, and other computing risks?
Currently we protect staff computers by using Symantec Endpoint Protection and make sure that their computers are patched.
What is rewarding about your job?
I love interacting with people and meeting new people every day.
How has your job allowed you grow as a professional and/or as an individual?
It has allowed me grow by learning how to be more proficient in troubleshooting computer problems and also allowed me to develop stronger customer service skills.  It also has allowed me to grow working with other IT professionals in a team environment. At home, there is no networking problem my daughters run into that I can't solve!
What do you hope for your future here at UB? 
To develop, learn and keep up with computer technology.