UB Mobile Advisory Council (MAC)

The UB Mobile Advisory Council (MAC) will provide guidance to Enterprise Application Services (EAS), University Communications (UC), and the DCT Advisory Council to inform ongoing development within the UB Mobile initiative and on mobile applications in general.

The group will:

  • Develop and recommend a campus mobile application strategy, along with guiding principles in support of that strategy.
  • Identify, develop and communicate best practices and standards for the University’s mobile application development and implementation.
  • Identify opportunities for new areas of development within the UB Mobile framework.
  • Plan a centralized development roadmap (centralized only need to be specific).
  • Provide feedback to promotional campaigns and plans.
  • Oversee the assessment and evaluation of audience needs and expectations for the mobile platform, to inform refinements and new areas of development.
  • Assess the utilization of mobile products as well as determine needs for new development (e.g. feature refinements).
  • Establish a technical working group to oversee the process for distributed mobile service development:
    • Develop standards, guidelines and process for campus units to develop and deploy native mobile apps (currently iOS and Android) to their respective market places, and serve as a resource for guidance.
    • Develop standards for developing mobile-optimized Web content.
    • Oversee construction of a website to house documentation associated with the UB Mobile Initiative, as well as the apps that are available for download (both internally- and externally-focused apps).
    • Identify opportunities for, and coordinate, integration between distributed apps and UB mobile Web-optimized content.
  • Direct and oversee benchmarking activities:
    • Review evolving general best practices in mobile content/service delivery
    • Regularly assess and evaluate mobile content/service delivery in Higher Education.
    •  Identify peer institutions, and evaluate their Mobile implementations and policies to identify best practices and opportunities for local enhancement/improvement.

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