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Tina Reed

Tina Reed

Tina Reed, Resource Manager, Network and Classroom Services

An Eye for Communication

“I still use my creativity to support the technology used in teaching and learning.”
Tina Reed, Resource Manager
Network and Classroom Services

Tina Reed’s involvement with IT at UB had a unique beginning. Using her passion for design and photography, she joined the Art and Photographic Services group in 1997 to help promote IT services.

After moving to User Services, Tina continued to design informational materials for services like public sites, computer safety and VoIP phones. She worked on the ResNet 2002 conference, back to school events and was also instrumental in the design of the print service counters when iprint@ub began. Tina used her skills as a visual communicator to ensure that the campus community is aware of the services that CIT provides.

Tina now works with Network and Classroom Services as Resource Manager. Tina said she “loves how her job has evolved” and characterizes her role in IT as a “transition.” Instead of seeing her current work as separate from her previous role at UB, Tina feels that she is still able to do what she loves: communicate.

As Tina's position with IT has changed, she finds she still uses her “creativity to support the technology used in teaching and learning." She transitioned into her current role by taking on new types of projects, but has continued to communicate with CIT staff about new services.

Tina works closely with consultants and other CIT staff to keep information updated and accurate at all times. This gives her “a sense of accomplishment” knowing that she has “contributed to the academic success of our faculty, staff, and students.”

Outside of work, Tina enjoys spending time with her family doing outdoor activities like skiing, swimming, bike riding and hiking. Tina is also active in her church’s youth group. She still practices her passion for photography by documenting many events in her family life.