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Diana Tuorto

Diana Tuorto

Diana Tuorto, IT Communications Officer, IT Communication and Engagement (ITCE)

“We’re all about keeping students, faculty and staff connected.”
Diana Tuorto, IT Communications Officer
IT Communication and Engagement (ITCE)

Getting the Word Out

Diana Tuorto joined the University at Buffalo in 2012 as a member of UB Information Technology’s Policy & Communication team (now IT Communication and Engagement).

Named IT Communications Officer in February 2017, Diana’s willingness to help others and address the needs of customers is apparent. “We’re all about keeping students, faculty and staff connected,” Diana said. “Not just to the Internet, but all aspects of their lives and careers at UB. UBIT offers so many tools and services, but they don’t mean anything unless the community is aware they exist and how to use them. That’s where our department comes in.”

IT Communication and Engagement is responsible for keeping the campus updated on the latest technology services and software. “We’re constantly changing and evaluating our strategy for communicating with the campus,” Diana said. “Some service announcements are as simple as a UBIT News article and creating Web pages while others require channels like posters, digital signage, brochures and video tutorials to make them a success. When it comes to software, we don’t want parents and students spending hundreds of dollars on titles like MS Office when UB already provides it at no extra cost.”

Diana enjoys engaging with the campus community and identifying ways for UBIT to work more closely with other UB departments. “UBIT isn’t alone in what we do,” she added. “We’re all part of the University at Buffalo, so it’s important to have close relationships with University Life and Services, UB Libraries and other units. We can all help each other, which in turn helps our customers.”

So how does UBIT gauge the effectiveness of their services and communications? “We conduct surveys, focus groups and usability studies regularly,” Diana added. “The UBIT Student Experience Survey, which asks students about their devices and our services and support, celebrates its 20th anniversary in the Fall 2016. Thanks to data from this survey, new services have been created to meet our students’ needs, and we’ve conducted similar studies for faculty and staff. The student survey feedback is also key in determining which communication channels we should investigate or abandon.”

In the summer of 2012, Diana and her husband relocated from New Jersey to Buffalo. They share a 10 acre horse farm in Niagara County with their two horses, five cats and dachshund dog.

Diana has over 20 years of marketing experience in real estate, hospitality and non-profits, to name a few.

"I had interviewed with a Buffalo-based real estate firm back in 2011, but we weren’t able to move from New Jersey until my husband found a position," Diana said. "The woman who interviewed me encourage me to keep in touch. While the real estate company didn’t have openings by the time my husband received an offer, UB was the first place that they recommended I try. I was told that everyone in the area aspired to work for the University at Buffalo, and now I know why."