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Tony Recchio

Tony Recchio

Tony Recchio, Senior Computer Operator, Network and Classroom Services

Growing Up with UB

“Things are always changing in IT and I’m glad to keep growing with UB.”
Tony Recchio, Senior Computer Operator
Network and Classroom Services

For Tony Recchio, UB is more than a job; it’s a family he’s known since birth. Tony’s father worked in operations at UB for more than 30 years, and his mother was a programmer at Roswell. He grew up knowing several staff members who are still with UB today.

“I was raised around computers and they always fascinated me,” Tony said. “I was attracted to technology being multi-faceted; I never like doing the exact same tasks day in and day out.”

Before joining UB, Tony worked with Healthcare Plan (now Univera), but he jumped at the chance to join the university when an opportunity opened up. “I left a Monday through Friday day shift job with my own office to working third shift with no office. I even took a pay cut. All I can say after 13 years with UB, it was totally worth it,” he added.

Tony’s home at work is the Network Operations Center (NOC). He now works the day shift over the weekend monitoring the entire campus’ network and computer systems. “We are the 24/7 watch dogs of the Computer Information Technology (CIT) department,” Tony said. “If something goes wrong, we’re usually the first ones detecting the problem and coordinating service restoration efforts. We try to resolve problems quickly to minimize the impact on the campus community.”

A big part of working at UB is the constant need to learn and grow. Staff are encouraged to take classes and sharpen their skills. “I’m a problem solver by nature,” Tony continued. “Working in the NOC means I’m always learning new ways to solve problems. When you work in IT, you quickly realize that the learning curve never ends.”

Protecting students, faculty, and staff from threats is a daily part of Tony’s job. “I work in coordination with the Information Security Office to identify and remove internal threats,” he added.

Outside of UB, Tony has a variety of hobbies. “Like most geeks, a lot of my interests are technology-related,” Tony said. “I’m often playing video games like Call of Duty and Halo and also have a large collection of movies and music. I enjoy web design and helped my church and a local wildlife rehabilitation organization with their sites. I also enjoy reading as much as possible. I just ran my first marathon in September 2012 and hoping to do more. I just never have enough time.”

When asked what he hopes for his future at UB, Tony has no complaints. “I’m happy to be at UB and hope to stay here permanently,” he added. “I love my current role, but I’m also interested in network applications. Things are always changing in IT and I’m glad to keep growing with UB.”