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Adam Zangerle

Adam Zangerle

Adam Zangerle, Network Engineer, Network and Classroom Services

A Dream Fulfilled

“I like the university environment. It allows us to keep up with ever-changing technologies. ”
Adam Zangerle, Network Engineer
Network and Classroom Services

Adam Zangerle always wanted to work at UB. He first joined Network and Classroom Services in 2001 as a student intern. “I like the university environment. It allows us to keep up with ever-changing technologies. ,” Adam said. “I knew I wanted to come back after I graduated. I even postponed graduation for a semester so I could continue my internship and see if there were any permanent openings.”

Despite a lack of openings when Adam graduated, he refused to give up. He joined a healthcare company while keeping his eye firmly on UB. He soon rejoined UB’s Network and Classroom Services (NCS) department as a Network Engineer, where he is one of the engineers responsible for the university’s core network, focusing on Wi-Fi deployment.

Adam ensures that the UB population has the infrastructure to get things done quickly, easily and more reliably. “We lay the groundwork for everything, it’s like building a road,” Adam stated. “Everything runs from the work we do. Without the switches and routers, all of the computers, phones, and projectors at UB would stop working. Everything would grind to a halt.”

Most of Adam and NCS’ work is done behind the scenes. “We’re everywhere,” Adam added. “We work with the facilities’ team, university police, faculty, you name it. I’ve literally been in almost every room on each UB campus. It’s amazing when you step back and look how large UB is and how smoothly everything runs.”

A daily function of Adam’s job is learning new technologies. “I love getting to learn and build new things,” he said. “I’m given the leeway to run with my own projects as well. The ownership is on me; I’m responsible for solving each problem that comes my way.”

NCS never lacks for projects to keep Adam and other engineers like him busy. “We’re constantly working on wireless system improvements,” he added. “The new buildings going up downtown are exciting to work on as well.”

Adam is equally as busy away from UB. He enjoys running and has participated in four marathons to date. Adam is also an avid gamer and has played World of Warcraft for 8 years (his “toon” is a Shaman, for you WoW players out there). Most of all, Adam is a proud father. “My position at UB offers me the flexibility to be there for my kids,” he said. “There is a great work/life balance here.”