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Computing Site Consultant Student Assistant

A Computing Site Consultant provides general customer service to patrons of public Computing Sites, including printing and computing support. We accept new applications on a continual basis during the academic year. You will be contacted in the order your application was received about the next steps.

Application Process

Please read carefully. We believe that reading and following instructions is an important skill for Public Site Consultants at UB.

If we offer you a position, you must:

  • Attend mandatory job training  
  • Be a registered student
  • Not work anywhere else at UB while employed by us, including but not limited to a position as a TA, GA, Research Assistant, FSA position or any other position at UB
  • Be available to work for two semesters after the current one (not including summers) from the first day of classes through the last day of finals. This is addition to working the current semester until the last day of finals.

Position Description

The Public Sites Consultant:

  • Sorts and racks printouts.
  • Provides customer service to patrons about printing and other computing and application issues, particularly those involving Microsoft Office products.
  • Maintains the printing service within service levels, including maintaining printers and escalating problems, to ensure quick and accurate service to patrons.
  • Inventories and maintains site supplies within specified limits.
  • Troubleshoots workstation problems and corrects or reports and escalates them as needed.
  • Maintains order, safety and security within the site, escalating issues appropriately.

Selection Process

Applying for a consultant position is a competitive process. Selection is based on your technical skills and on your ability to deliver service to customers effectively. The process from application and testing to completion of paperwork and training can take up to 3 months.

There are 3 parts to the selection process:

  1. Test:
    • The process includes a 2-hour computing skills test. If your are selected to test, you will be contacted about scheduling an appointment.
    • CIT will contact all applicants by email to their accounts in the order received as testing sessions open up. We often have many more applicants than we can test.
    • Testing is scheduled weekday evenings.
    • The test is an online, closed book, hands-on simulation.
    • You have a maximum of two hours to complete the test.
    • The test focuses on completing common and less common tasks in Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 
    • If you are unable to keep your test appointment, send email to the Public Sites Recruitment Team.
    • Bring your UB Card for identification purposes.
  2. Personal Interview:
    • Qualified applicants will be offered a personal interview based on their test results.
    • Interviews are given by appointment weekdays.
    • If you are selected for an interview, we will notify you by email about the date, time and location.
    •  Interview appointments will be based on the schedules that you provide to us at your testing appointment.
  3. Hiring Decision:
    • All applicants will be notified about the outcome of the selection process on a continual basis soon after their personal interview.
    • Those applicants hired will then be scheduled for training and a start date will be set.

If you have questions about the procedure, send email to the public sites management team at

I have read and understand the hiring process. Click Apply Now (below), log in and complete the application.