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Our Projects

The one constant in the field of information technology (IT) is change, with new technologies and methods for delivering services continuously emerging.

The rapid advances in IT represent both an opportunity and a challenge – as organizations must continually adapt to the new technology to improve operational efficiency and most importantly improve the quality and range of services to their customers. It is with this in mind that UB’s IT staff carry out new initiatives each year to expand service offerings, develop new features, and improve existing services. The goal being to provide UB students, staff, and faculty with the latest advances in information technology to allow them to effectively work and compete in today’s knowledge based society.

Here is a partial list of UBIT’s current initiatives:


UB is making a major investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure. Wi-Fi Boost will double our access points and upgrade UB’s networks to the latest, fastest standard.

Learn how UBIT is involved with SUNY's strategic plan, Power of SUNY.
Information technology is an integral part of the daily teaching, research, and business life of the University. It is also a consumer of energy and a catalyst for promoting the efficient utilization of energy through innovation and environmental stewardship. Programs like iprint@ub and desktop virtualization allow UBIT to conserve energy and reduce waste.
Read more about IT projects that are helping transform the way UB operates, leading to transformational improvements in efficiency and productivity as well as new capabilities to better serve the UB community.  
Discover how UB supports research through the Center for Computational Research (CCR), an academic supercomputing facility that provides a high-end computing environment and visualization capabilities.
UBIT keeps you connected by providing services that address mobile computing needs; access to HUB, a centralized student services portal; a new web management system, UBCMS and secure access to the UB Network.
UBIT provides services that make it easier for students, faculty and staff to learn, including virtual classrooms, computing technology and a variety of site licensed software.