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Our Role in UB's Strategic Plan

Since UB 2020’s inception, UB Information Technology (IT) has played an important role in support of excellence, efficiencies and engagement. IT is integral to the achievement of academic excellence, both from the perspective of supporting scholarship and research, and from the perspective of advancements in computing and networking itself.

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Computing and Information Technology (CIT) is committed to making the university more sustainable and efficient, both saving energy and preserving resources.
Computing and Information Technology (CIT), through the Center for Computational Research (CCR), is a key player and significant contributor to UB 2020, the university's strategic plan, which has identified cross-disciplinary areas of strength indigenous to UB. 
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Contributions to efficiency have been the chief outcome of the IT Transformation process. Focused primarily on studying, planning and implementing consolidation projects, the IT transformation continues to be a UB success.
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The Center for Computation Research (CCR) has identified eight cross-disciplinary areas of strength that serve researchers across UB.

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