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IT Advisory Groups

Information Technology development, management and support is informed and guided by several groups at UB. Members of the UB community are invited to bring issues and ideas to these groups.

IT Leadership Group

J. Brice Bible, Chair

The IT Leadership Group serves in an advisory role to the Vice President and CIO, providing technical advice on information technology directions, strategies, policies, plans, priorities and needs. The group serves as the committee to bring emerging technology issues to the attention of the CIO and other University constituent groups.

Members include:

Data Governance Executive Oversight Group

This group is comprised of senior UB leadership to establish data governance strategy and direction. This group:

  • Provides enterprise-wide data management, policy guidance, and prioritization on reporting and access control of University-wide data
  • Delivers draft strategy and policy statement for review by all UB leadership and approval by Provost Zukoski and President Tripathi

Membership includes:

  • J. Brice Bible, VP/CIO (Chair)
  • Austin Booth, VP of University Libraries
  • Dennis Black, VP Student Services
  • Michael Cain, VP Health Sciences
  • Venu Govindaraju, VP Research
  • Liesl Folks, Dean of Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Laura Hubbard, VP Finance and Administration
  • Bruce Pitman, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Nancy Smyth, Dean, College of Social Work
  • Sean Sullivan, Vice Provost Academic Planning, Budget, and Evaluation
  • Scott Weber, Senior Vice Provost Academic Affairs

HUB Governance Team

The charge of the HUB Governance Team is to:

  • Communicate with and be supported by the HUB Functional and Technical Leadership Teams
  • Provide oversight of the use of HUB
  • Be ultimately responsible for success of the system
  • Review and promulgate policies related to HUB
  • Manage decisions requiring resource allocation or policy change or those that cannot be agreed upon by the HUB Leadership Team or escalate to appropriate individual, HUB Campus Advisory group or other existing body, e.g. Faculty Senate

Membership includes:

  • Vice President and Chief Information Office (VP/CIO)
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE)
  • Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE)
  • HUB Leadership Team
  • University Registrar
  • Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Director
  • Senior Associate Vice Provost for Administration and Finance
  • Assistant Vice President/Chief of Staff CIO Administrative Operations Office

HUB Leadership Team

This team is a cooperative between the functional and technical portion of the university. There are two members from the HUB Support Office and two members from Enterprise Application Services (EAS). This team:

  • Makes decisions about overall procedures related to HUB and the support model
  • Brings recommendations to the HUB Governance Team related to decisions requiring resource allocation or policy changes
  • Performs oversight of the HUB support structure that includes the HUB Processing Team, HUB Cross Modular Team and Working Groups

Membership includes:

  • Functional Coordinator and Assistant Functional Coordinator
  • Infrastructure Coordinator and Technical Coordinator

UB Mobile Advisory Council (MAC)

The UB Mobile Advisory Council (MAC) will provide guidance to Enterprise Application Services (EAS), University Communications (UC), and the DCT Advisory Council to inform ongoing development within the UB Mobile initiative and on mobile applications in general. The group will:

  • Develop and recommend a campus mobile application strategy, along with guiding principles in support of that strategy.
  • Identify, develop and communicate best practices and standards for the University’s mobile application development and implementation.
  • Identify opportunities for new areas of development within the UB Mobile framework.
  • Plan a centralized development roadmap (centralized only need to be specific).
  • Provide feedback to promotional campaigns and plans.
  • Oversee the assessment and evaluation of audience needs and expectations for the mobile platform, to inform refinements and new areas of development.
  • Assess the utilization of mobile products as well as determine needs for new development (e.g. feature refinements).
  • Establish a technical working group to oversee the process for distributed mobile service development:
    • Develop standards, guidelines and process for campus units to develop and deploy native mobile apps (currently iOS and Android) to their respective market places, and serve as a resource for guidance.
    • Develop standards for developing mobile-optimized Web content.
    • Oversee construction of a website to house documentation associated with the UB Mobile Initiative, as well as the apps that are available for download (both internally- and externally-focused apps).
    • Identify opportunities for, and coordinate, integration between distributed apps and UB mobile Web-optimized content.
  • Direct and oversee benchmarking activities:
    • Review evolving general best practices in mobile content/service delivery
    • Regularly assess and evaluate mobile content/service delivery in Higher Education.
    •  Identify peer institutions, and evaluate their Mobile implementations and policies to identify best practices and opportunities for local enhancement/improvement.

UB Web Management

Digital Communications Transformation Advisory Council is a high-level advisory group that provides advice to the vice president for external affairs on the university-wide implementation of a new approach to planning, producing and managing websites. Read about the membership of this group and its charge.

Business Advisory Group

Interacts with Unit Web Leaders regarding ongoing operational issues, identifying needs and recommending priorities.

Solutions Advisory Group

Collaborates with lead specialists from each unit, in addition to representatives from UC and UBit, to identify and resolve technical issues associated with the UBCMS.

Members include:

  • Kevin Eye (Enterprise Application Services)
  • Michael Russo (Graduate Enrollment Management Services)
  • Dennis Reed, Jr. (IT Policy and Communication)
  • John Wood (International Education)
  • Tim Sodhi (Development and Alumni Relations)
  • Tom Wendt (Office of the VP for Research)
  • Lori Chiarilli (University Life and Services)
  • Dan LaRosa (Admissions—Coordinator of Prospect Communications, representing Vice Provost Office)
  • Kristina Costanzo (Undergraduate Education, representing Undergraduate Admission)
  • Tom Okon (University Business Services)
  • Kris Miller (University Libraries)
  • Kathleen Wiater (School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)

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