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Transfer Get Started

The UB Curriculum, our innovative general education program, provides you with an opportunity to immediately connect with the campus community. The program was designed with your distinct needs as a transfer student in mind, ensuring your prior work is seamlessly applied to the relevant components of the UB Curriculum.  

Follow the steps below to get an introduction to the UB Curriculum.  You will understand how your transfer courework will apply, learn the tools to explore and select your UB Seminar as well as any remaining Pathway courses.

Step One: Get to Know the UB Curriculum

Every transfer student will take a UB Seminar (198 or 199) and the UB Capstone (UBC 399)--these courses are unique to UB and will serve as the bookends to your UB Curriculum experience.  Your tranfer coursework may be applied to some or all of the other components of the program, based on course articulation. Using the UB Curriculum transfer credit charts, TAURUS and your transcript(s), you will be able to map your prior work to the courses that comprise the Foundation and Pathway components of the program. 

Step Two: Select and Register for your UB Seminar

The UB Seminar is the entryway to your UB education. If you are transfering in 45 or more domestic credits you will enroll in a 1-credit UB Seminar (numbered 198), most closely aligned with your field of study.  If you are transfering in fewer than 45 domestic credits, then you will enroll in a 3-credit UB Seminar (numbered 199), selecting any topic that appeals to your interests.

How to Register

Step Three: Plan Your Pathways

The Pathways are a series of courses linked together by a broad topic that you choose and examine through multiple perspectives.  You will complete one Thematic and one Global Pathway.  Your transfer coursework may be applied to the first two course lists in each Pathway either by direct articulation or with a transfer course that has a related UB Area (e.g., Humanities, Arts, Social Science, Language or Civilization and History).  The list three courses are generally completed at UB unless you have a course with a direct articulation to one in the list.

If you are an advanced transfer student who has four UB Areas completed with transfer coursework, you will want to approach the Pathways by first looking at the broad topics available and then investiage the courses in list 3 to see which bestsuit your interests and academic plans.  Your academic advisor can assist as you make your initial plan.  

The Path Finder tool is what you will use to map out your Global and Thematic Pathways.