UB Curriculum Course Proposals

Departments wishing to propose courses for inclusion in the UB Curriculum should review the following guidelines:

Course Proposal Process Overview

The process for proposing a course to be considered for approval for one of the UB Curriculum requirements is contingent upon whether the course is new/substantially revised or an existing course.  All 199 and 198 UB Seminar proposals follow the process for existing courses.

For new or substantially revised courses

  1. Submit course through the UB Course Proposal system.
    • Utilize the syllabus template available for each UB Curriculum component (Pathway courses do not have a syllabus template). 
  2. The course will be automatically reviewed through proper channels selected within the system and forwarded on to the appropriate UB Curriculum sub-committee. 
  3. Approvals will come in two parts:
    • Approval from the Associate Deans for the course 
    • Approval from the applicable UB Curriculum component sub-committee 

For existing courses including new UB Seminar proposals

  1. Utilize the appropriate syllabus template available for each UB Curriculum component. Pathway courses should instead use the "Pathways Course Proposal form."
  2. Once in the standard template, the syllabus should be forwarded to the reviewers appropriate to each unit. The typical approval sequence that units follow includes: 
    • Director of Undergraduate Students (whether required is dependent upon the unit; check with the department chair)
    • Department Chair - usually required 
    • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs - required
  3. Once approved by the decanal unit, submit the syllabus along with approvals via email to uge-dean@buffalo.edu for UB Curriculum review. 

Notes on Proposing A Specific Program Component

UB Seminars

The UB Seminar committee reviews syllabi on rolling basis for new UB Seminar topics.  Once the topic is approved, it is added to the Undergraduate Catalog and will be available to a department scheduler to select upon scheduling the section. Typical turn-around time is 2-4 weeks.

Foundation Courses

The relevant sub-committees for each of the foundation courses reviews syllabi for both new and existing courses on a monthly basis during the academic year in accordance with the Undergraduate Associate Dean Council calendar.

Pathway Courses

Proposed Pathway course additions are reviewed twice per academic year. Once in September and once in January, in alignment with the relevant Undergraduate Associate Dean Council meetings. Proposals must be submitted by January 2nd or September 1st to be included in the review.

Courses eligible for inclusion must adhere to the Pathway course policy.  New courses proposed through the University Course proposal system should indicate which established Pathway topic(s) they would like the course considered for inclusion.  To propose an existing course, submit the Pathways Course Proposal form with the requested information and required attachments and signatures to uge-dean@buffalo.edu.

Course Development Toolbox

For additional resources to design and propose a UB Curriculum component course visit the relevant page of the Course Development Toolbox.

SUNY General Education Requirements

The UB Curriculum is built on the chassis of the SUNY General Education Requirements (GER).  Learn more about the SUNY GER before submitting a course proposal.

Request an additional SUNY-GER for an existing course

The UB Curriculum program presents an opportunity to expand the range of courses that fall under the SUNY GER Knowledge Areas. Current practice is to define courses simply by their offering department, so that all English courses (for example) automatically fulfill the Humanities requirement, all Sociology courses automatically fulfill the Social Science requirement, and so on, without any consideration of a course’s specific scope or content.

With the new program, however, we aim to classify each course individually, and as such, invite you to consider if there are courses that you might wish to have re-classified. Where appropriate, some courses might fulfill more than one SUNY-GER category – an English course currently classified as a Humanities might also be coded with Arts , for example, or a Sociology course as a Social Science AND Other World Civ (students, however, would only get credit for one GER). This allows us to acknowledge more interdisciplinary teaching, provide students with more flexible choices, and publish a nuanced catalog that better reflects the nature of our programs.

To add an additional GER category to a course, it must be submitted to SUNY for approval. The UB Curriculum Office will facilitate this process.