UBPortfolio and UBlearns

Now Available!

The Digication Building Block can be added to your UBlearns course site.  Once enabled, you and your students can access Digication directly from within your UBlearns course.  

Digication Building Block Functionality

The Digication Building Block in UBlearns, once enabled and added to your course menu, allows you and your students to access your Digication course site directly from within UBlearns. In addition, the following functionality allows for greater integration between the two systems:

  • When you create assignments within the Digication Building Block window, columns for the assignments are automatically added to the UBlearns gradebook.
  • Scores and verbal feedback added in the Digication Building Block Gradebook are automatically entered in the UBlearns gradebook in the appropriate column.  
To Enable the Digication Building Block in UBlearns:

Follow These Instructions


The Digication Building Block Gradebook does not yet work with the Digication rubric tool.  Scores on assignments graded with the Digication rubric will not automatically be added to the UBlearns gradebook.

Solutions for Rubric Grading of ePortfolio Assignments in UBlearns

1. Create the rubric within UBlearns and use multiple windows when scoring ePortfolio assignments, one to view student ePortfolios in Digication and one to view and enter scores into the UBlearns rubric.

2. Set up the rubric within the Assignment Grid in Digication. Score assignments within Digication, and then in the Settings window, download the rubric scores report into a csv file. The scores can then be copied into a downloaded version of the UBlearns gradebook and reuploaded into UBlearns.