ePortfolio Pedagogy

ePortfolios allow students to easily share their work and ideas with instructors and peers, across courses while at UB and after graduation.

Benefits for Students

In addition to providing the mechanism through which students will complete their final UB Curriculum assignment, the Capstone ePortfolio, use of ePortfolios within the UB Curriculum provides several additional benefits for students:

  • Connects ideas, work and progress within and across classes;
  • Creates a sense of community within a class and across the university;
  • Engages students more actively in their own learning experience; and
  • Fosters the higher order cognitive skills of critical reflection and integrative learning.

Students can make as many ePortfolios as they wish while enrolled at UB, and they can continue to use their ePortfolios for professional purposes, such as job and graduate school applications, after they graduate.

Benefits for Instructors

UB's ePortfolio Platform, Digication, provides faculty with a course management site in addition to the ePortfolio builder. Combining the ePortfolio builder with a course site offers instructors the ability to:

  • Integrate ePortfolios into instruction and assignments within the course;
  • Create course ePortfolio templates;
  • Create and manage course discussions;
  • Create assignments to which students can submit ePortfolios or select sections of ePortfolios;
  • Provide formative assessment through commenting and conversation functionality;
  • Create rubrics and use them to score assignments; and
  • Copy assignments and rubrics from one course to another.

Publications and Resources Related to ePortfolio Pedagogy