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1. Completion of the UB Seminar

a. All matriculated students will be required to take their UB Seminar in their first semester of enrollment regardless of their full or part-time status. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to enroll in a UB Seminar. Queries will be run to ensure all first-semester undergraduates have a UB Seminar in their enrollment. Those who do not will be told they must select one by a set date and failure to do so will result in the UB Curriculum office enrolling the student in any available/open section. UB Seminars will be set-up as “drop by permission” to disallow a student from deregistering themselves.

b. Students must complete the course with a passing grade to fulfill the requirement.

i. Students with a passing grade may not repeat the course.

ii. Students who fail will be subject to the course enrollment control policy and required to take the course in a summer or winter session unless sufficient capacity exists in a given fall or spring semester (only through approved petition).

iii. Timely repeat of the UB Seminar (within 1-year) will be encouraged through holds placed on student records blocking future course enrollment, pre-requisites for the Capstone and proactive communication with students. 

2. UB Seminars and the major

a. UB Seminars may not be listed as a pre-requisite to another course except the UB Capstone.

b. Students only need to complete and pass one UB Seminar, irrespective of major change.

3. UB Seminars and transfer students

a. Credit hours completed and in progress at the time of application will determine the UB Seminar for which a transfer student must enroll (1 or 3 credit version). Credit received from AP exams does not count towards the 45+ placement.

b. The AAR will be coded so that students identified as needing the 1-credit course will only be shown this option on their AAR and vice versa for 3 credit version/students. Student groups are applied as appropriate and used to restrict enrollment in the respective 1 and 3 credit UB Seminars.

i. Students entering UB with 45 or more transfer credits from a US institution (includes International Students transferring from a domestic institution) will enroll in a 1 credit UB Seminar

ii. Students entering UB with less than 45 transfer credits will enroll in a 3 credit UB Seminar (excludes AP, test credit, etc.)

iii. International students transferring from international institutions regardless of the number of transfer credits will enroll in the 3 credit UB Seminar.

c. The learning outcomes for the UB Seminars include UB specific information so there will be no direct articulations for 198 or 199. In exceptional circumstances, petitions may be considered.

Please see the Registrar's Class Registration page for specific process guides on

  1. Dropping or resigning a student from a course set-up with "Drop with Consent"

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