Video Production

Our video production team is ready to support faculty as they reimagine the teaching and learning experience and prototype new methods of teaching and learning through the use of instructional video.

Service Criteria

To help us evaluate potential video projects, faculty and staff should consider all the following criteria before submitting a request. All projects should:

  • Benefit a wide audience of faculty and students.
  • Directly relate to improved teaching, learning and assessment outcomes.
  • Include an assessment strategy to document the reach and effectiveness of the project.
  • Focus on topics directly related to innovative or emerging pedagogies, instructional technologies or learning assessment strategies.
  • Demonstrate potential to transform university teaching and learning practices at UB and other peer institutions.
  • Demonstrate potential for internal or external funding opportunities.

Faculty with projects that do not directly relate to the methods and outcomes of teaching should investigate other video production resources on campus.

Making a Project Request

Our video production schedules are often planned and reserved months in advance. Project requests should be made with as much lead time as possible.

All project requests must be made in writing using the CEI video project request template and emailed to John Wild at

Requests should include:

  • Detailed description of the project.
  • Statements addressing all the service criteria described above.
  • Any event dates, times and locations associated with the request.
  • Proposed timeframe of project activities, including any deadlines.
  • List of faculty and staff assigned to work on the project.
  • Contact information including email, phone number and campus address.

All requests will be reviewed by our video staff along with the director of CEI.

For additional information, please contact John Wild at