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Student Assessment and Program Evaluation

About Scoring Services

CEI's Scoring Services is based on Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). The service uses a software package called Remark Office OMR and offers the following advantages:

  • No more rejected forms
  • Reduced cost (print your own forms)
  • Better reports
  • Assessment of learning outcomes

Getting Started with Scoring

1. Complete the online Scoring Request Form.

  • Your scoring request is automatically recorded and submitted to scoring services. You might print a copy for your records.

2. Download scoring forms from our forms library.

  • Standard scoring forms are in PDF format and can be printed on a laser printer.
  • Download the form and print from Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Do not print from a web browser since bubble fonts may not print properly.
  • Print forms on laser printers; do not use inkjet. Prints must be clear and clean, without excessive speckling or scratch marks.
  • Print on white paper, not color paper. If you would like to use different colors of paper for different test versions, you must keep to light colors (white, ivory, light pink, light yellow). Do not use blue, green or other colors.
  • Do not “fit,” “shrink” or “grow” the size. These forms are designed to be printed, as is, at the original scale size. Be sure to check your PDF printing options as well as your printer settings. Re-scaling can prevent the software from being able to read the respondents’ marks.
  • You may wish to have forms preprinted in bulk by a photocopying service, such as Staples.
  • We will happily “pre-test” your printed/scanned form in advance of exam administration to ensure that it can be properly read and interpreted.

4. Compile any accompanying materials.

OPTIONAL: Item mapping across test versions (instructions, ets-mapping.xls)

OPTIONAL: Learning Outcomes (instructions and form)

5. Scan your answer sheets in our North Campus offices (212 Capen Hall) using our high speed scanner and drop your scanned answer sheets in our scoring drop-box.

Optionally, scan your answer sheets on your personal scanner.

  1. Set up your scanner:
    • File format: PDF (do not use special compression or other condensed PDF formats).
    • Resolution: 200 to 300 dpi.
    • Monochrome or Black & White (do not use Grayscale or Color).
    • Correct page size (e.g., US Letter or A4).
    • Make sure that the scans are clear and crisp. Otherwise, submit your forms to us in person for scanning.
    • Be careful of automatic settings on your scanner. We recommend you save the settings above to a special scanning format so they will always be available. Some automatic settings are not consistent with these guidelines and must be overridden or the forms will not be properly scanned.
  2. Scan the completed answer keys for each test version. Answer keys should be labeled KEY A, KEY B, KEY C, KEY D (4 versions maximum).
  3. Scan students' answer sheets.
  4. Send your scanned documents and accompanying files (mapping.xls, outcomes.pdf as required) to the Scoring Services Team by email ( with your Scoring Job number in the subject line. Be sure to include your job number and last name in your files names. If your files are larger than 30mb, copy your files to your UBbox account and share the files or send us an email with a download link.

6. Results are normally returned within 2-3 business days.

You will receive the following:

  • Summary reports
  • Export file with results
  • Optionally, individual student summary reports (if requested)


For additional information, contact the Scoring Services support team by email at or 716-645-0780.