Student Assessment and Program Evaluation

UB Scoring Services

UB Scoring Services provides machine grading of bubble-sheet style exams. Advantages of our service include optimized reports and the ability for instructors to assess learning outcomes.

The UB Scoring Services support team is always listening carefully to your feedback and is focused on making the process of submitting and scoring tests as easy and efficient as possible.  

Some of the recent improvements include an expanded help site, more integrated Scoring Intake Form, eTemplates and using UBbox to make exchanging files more manageable.

Scoring results are normally returned within 2-3 business days.

Getting Started With Scoring Services

1. Plan your test.

  • Identify the type of test you will be administering, including question formats and optional question points.

2. Complete the online Scoring Intake Form.

  • Your scoring request is automatically recorded and submitted to UB Scoring Services. Save the confirmation email for your records.

3. Choose one of our answer sheet templates for your test.

  • Answer sheet templates are in PDF format and should be printed on a laser printer.
  • Properly printing your answer sheets will help ensure that your tests are processed without problems.

5. Create an answer key for your test.

  • The type of test you are administering will determine the type of answer key you will need to create and if you need to create a question maps and/or outcomes map.

6. Scan your answer sheets.

  • Properly scanning your answer sheets will help ensure that your tests are processed without problems.
  • The preferred process is to scan your answer sheets in our North Campus office (5 Norton Hall) using our high-speed scanner. This will ensure the best possible scan of your answer sheets.

7. Upload your scoring job files.

  • We are using UBbox to make it easier to send your scoring job files to us.

Once Your Scoring Job Is Processed

Results are normally returned within 2–3 business days.

  • You will receive, by email, your reports and any additional feedback from the UB Scoring Services support team.