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UBlearns Overview (online course)

Self-paced online course • UBlearns

This self-paced online resource allows instructors to explore all facets of Blackboard. Instructors can also request access to a Blackboard course that serves as a sandbox where they can test different tools. 

How to self-enroll

  1. Log into UBlearns (ublearns.buffalo.edu).
  2. Click on the Courses tab on top right of your screen.
  3. Enter UBlearns Overview in the Course Search box and then click Go.
  4. Click the small double-down arrow to the right of the Course ID.
  5. Select Enroll.
  6. Click Submit and then click OK.

Teaching Online: an Orientation (online course)

This online, self-paced, learning opportunity, developed by the Center for Educational Innovation, provides an introduction to online course development and effective online teaching strategies.

The course consists of four modules which cover broad topics that will provide a foundation for the development of your online course. Each module includes suggested videos, readings and activities. There are no requirements, but if you decide to complete the course from start to finish you will be better prepared to teach online. Participation in the discussion board is encouraged.

Participants should expect to spend approximately 10–15 hours on the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the types of online teaching modalities and determine the approach that is best suited for your subject matter and teaching preferences
  • Identify the benefits that online learning can provide to your students
  • Recognize the components of a well-designed course
  • Develop your online course structure (including main course menu items and unit topics)
  • Become familiar with online activities and assessment strategies
  • Be prepared to teach online

How to enroll

To enroll in this course, contact Anne Reed (annereed@buffalo.edu), online instructional designer, Center for Educational Innovation.