Exemplar Course

Learn how other instructors have structured their courses.

Why should you examine an Exemplar Course?

One benefit of online courses is that their structure exists electronically, which makes it easier to examine and learn from. Making choices such as where resources will go, how to build in class discussion or how students will share their work both with you and their peers, are questions all instructors have had to answer when transitioning to an online format.

Exemplar Courses

Blackboard, the developer of the UB Learns platform has several exemplary course videos to learn from.

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Step one:

Before examining these courses, think ahead to your course:

  • Tasks: Course organization and how you might structure your content; activities and how you might want students to interact; and assessment and how you might want students to share their work.
  • Concerns: From your Situational Factors worksheet, which issues are you worried about solving? As you watch these videos, consider if there are possible solutions on how other instructors have designed their courses.
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Step two:

Watch several of the exemplary course videos found below:

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Step Three:

Reflect on:

  • What ideas did you like from these courses?
  • Do any of these solve problems you may have?
  • Which ideas will you apply to your course? How and where will you apply them?

Next steps

When you have examined exemplary courses, the next step is to begin your macro-level organization of your course.