UB Assessment Day

UB's annual Assessment Day is designed to help faculty, staff and administrators develop assessment strategies.

CEI is a co-sponsor of UB Assessment Day.

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Past UB Assessment Days

Turning Data Into Action (2018)

The theme for 2018's Assessment Day focused on how we use data to inform our practice inside and outside of the classroom in an effort to create an ideal learning experience for current and future members of the UB community.

Keynote speaker

  • Peggy Maki, education consultant specializing in assessing student learning in higher education

Assessment Day 5.0: Continuous Improvement (2017)

Assessement Day 5.0 emphasized creating coherent learning outcomes at various levels and using assessment for continuous improvement.

Keynote speaker

  • Ellie A. Fogarty, vice president, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Assessment Day 4.0: Defining Quality (2016)

UB's fourth Assessment Day emphasized using the variety of tools available, specifically rubrics, to assess the work we do at UB and ultimately define the quality of learning for our students here at the university.

Keynote speakers

  • Daniel F. Sullivan, senior advisor to the president and advancement fellow, Office of the President, AAC&U
  • Rob Aaron, executive director, Center for the Study of Student Life, The Ohio State University

Assessment Day 3.0: Maximize Your Impact (2014)

Assessment Day 3.0 emphasized using assessment to inform and improve the work we do at UB, ultimately maximizing our impact on students and the university.

Keynote speaker

  • George Kuh, adjunct professor of Education Policy, University of Illinois, and Chancellor’s Professor of Higher Education Emeritus, Indiana University

Building Your Assessment Toolbox (2013)

The theme for 2013 emphasized creating coherent learning outcomes at various levels and using assessment for continuous improvement.

Keynote speaker

  • Linda Suskie, nationally known expert in student learning assessment

Are They Really Learning What We Are Teaching Them? (2012)

Assessment Day 2012 was part of the Genteels’ Excellence in Teaching Conference and focused on using assessment to enhance teaching effectiveness and measure student learning. The aim of this event was threefold:

  • To examine several promising programs for developing and implementing program and classroom-based outcome assessment systems.
  • To discuss the latest research on student learning assessment.
  • To provide participants with tools, tips and strategies for conducting meaningful, authentic assessment in their respective courses.

Keynote speaker

  • Jason Adsit, associate provost for academic administration, University of Rochester