Pedagogy and Design

The goal of the Center for Educational Innovation is to help faculty make meaningful improvements to their teaching, regardless of experience or content area.

All of our online content and courses focus on concrete changes that can improve your teaching and ultimately the learning experience.

On this page:

Different ways to learn

  • Attend a CEI Faculty Academy in-person
    The academies utilize a faculty-learning community framework, bringing together small groups of faculty to learn, share and explore the art of teaching and the science of learning. Each academy consists of four sessions: a two-hour active workshop and an optional third hour for individualized support.
  • Enroll in a CEI Faculty Academy offered through UBlearns
    Like the on-campus CEI Faculty Academies, our online academies are facilitated by an instructor and have start and end dates. Each online academy contains four related modules and is limited to 15 participants. To be successful in your online academy experience, plan on spending three to four hours each week completing course work and interacting online with peers several times during the week.
  • Explore our website at your own pace
    Our website provides content covered in the academies for faculty who want to explore specific topics at their own pace. Use the left-hand navigation to get started.

Designing Experiences

Learn how to design or redesign your course to create the changes you want to see in students through the application of education design principles.

Learning Paradigms

Learn about how students learn in order to teach content more effectively.

Teaching Effectively

Consider how to effectively implement your course as you interact with and create relationships with students.