2017 Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

Integration of Physical and Virtual Cadavers in a Hybrid Gross Anatomy Curriculum


The goal of this project is to create a hybrid gross anatomy curriculum, which fuses “virtual models” derived from digitized computed tomography (CT) scans of human cadavers with traditional physical dissection. Cadavers been the gold standard of anatomy for thousands of years: the tactile experience of dissection and exposure to trait variations provide a rich education in the structure and complexity of the human form. However, dissection programs are costly, and the increasing fidelity of virtual models have led some institutions to try eliminating cadaver dissections. While virtual models provide a large amount of data, they cannot replicate the physicality and variance of a cadaver dissection. Our proposal is a hybrid approach, whereby students learn anatomy through both digitized CT scans of the cadavers they dissect, using 3D reconstructions of the anatomy before, during, and after dissection.


  • Scott Doyle
    Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences


  • Stuart Inglis
    Department of Pathology and Anatomical Science