Genteels' Excellence in Teaching Conference

The theme for the next Genteels' Excellence in Teaching Conference, scheduled for March 20, 2020, is iGen: How to Connect, Engage and Inspire the Newest Generation of Students.

Call for Presentations

Proposed sessions must demonstrate how attendees will gain new or deeper insights into how educational communities can better connect, engage and inspire iGen students.

The submission deadline is Friday, Jan. 17, 2020.

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Registration now open!

Open Educational Resources (OER) Community Courses

SUNY OER Services has announced that the first sections of their new Open Educational Resources Community Course series are now live. These courses will introduce you to the fundamental principles and effective practices related to OER.

Throughout this learning space you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss methods and approaches to finding, adopting, customizing, integrating, creating, publishing and licensing OER. You will also have opportunities to connect in conversation with your peers and work with OER advocates from the SUNY community who can help you along your learning journey.

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