Message From the Director

Christine Kroll, assistant vice provost and director, Center for Educational Innovation.

Christine Kroll, PhD

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI). Our center is dedicated to faculty development, and we hope you take advantage of all the opportunities we offer.

2020 has arrived, and like the rest of the university, CEI has been working to build a positive foundation of support for our university’s growing aspirations. For many years, the principles of UB2020 served as a guiding directive, and now we look to an even broader horizon with the university’s bold Top 25 ambition.

Spring 2020 also brought with it an unprecedented amount of change and uncertainty regarding the university’s regular educational operations. As such, CEI was on-hand to help lead the emergency transition efforts in bringing the university’s courses online. Simply stated, we are here to serve the faculty and are actively working on ways in which we can most effectively respond to faculty needs.

Despite the restrictions of social distancing, CEI has a variety of core offerings and resources to assist our faculty that include:

  • CEI Academies for Online Teaching: which are designed to help faculty develop and reimagine their current teaching practices in online learning environments. Learn more here.
  • One-On-One Faculty Consultations: for faculty to request assistance from one of our Learning Designers on specific problems. Request assistance here.
  • Video Training Center: a growing collection of video resources in common areas, which allow faculty to explore topics in teaching and learning at their leisure. View page here.
  • UB Learns: UB’s primary educational environment, which is administered by CEI, and our staff is proud to serve faculty by fielding inquiries related to navigating and effectively utilizing the platform. Learn more here.
  • Professional Community of Practice: which has been jointly organized by the Center for Educational Innovation and The University Libraries to explore and discuss the use of immersive environments in education. Learn more here.

Whether it is through innovative instruction, pedagogical theory, or educational technology, CEI is fully dedicated to supporting our faculty as we look to transform the lives and educational experiences of our students.

To better help the university navigate our current global educational challenges, CEI staff will be working throughout 2020 to develop a variety of content and programming initiatives to reach faculty who are seeking development opportunities and assistance. Please stay tuned!

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about CEI, and best wishes for a fruitful and rewarding academic year ahead!


Christine T. Kroll, PhD
Assistant Vice Provost and Director
Center for Educational Innovation