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Mixed-Age (North Campus)

Preschool classrooms at the UBCCC include children ranging from three to five years of age. Research shows that multi-age groupings benefit both younger and older students in the classroom. According to Dr. Lilian Katz, an international leader in early childhood education, "Mixed-age grouping resembles family and neighborhood groupings, which throughout history have informally provided much of children's socialization and education (from The Case for Mixed-Age Groupings in Early Education, 1990)."

Each room will be enrolled with the goal of balancing the ages among the four classrooms.

The University at Buffalo Child Care Center has chosen to adopt this philosophy of early childhood care and education based on research that shows how interactions with older and younger children benefit the social and emotional development of preschool children. Younger children learn from the advanced growth and development of the older children. Older children have the opportunity to be role models for the younger children, which builds their confidence and leadership skills in preparation for moving on to Kindergarten.