Legacy - Tanya Bennett

Published March 24, 2015

Tanya reading a book in her Infant classroom


Tanya Bennett, celebrated an awesome milestone, 25 years working at UBCCC!

UBCCC is unique in that many of our staff members have been working with us for many years.  This allows consistency in caregiving where many families have had each of their children (2 sometimes 3) in the same classrooms throughout the center.

In 2015, one of our staff members, Tanya Bennett, celebrated an awesome milestone, 25 years working as an Infant Teacher at our South Campus center!  Not only has she seen several generations of families throughout her years at UBCCC, her own family (her mother, daughter and son) has been part of the legacy.

In order to celebrate this accomplishment, we recognized Tanya at our Spring Staff Development Day.  Current and former staff members and families shared stories and memories about Tanya.  Words used to describe her are "caring," "knowledgeable" and "helpful." 

Tanya's mom Marian ("MarMar")

Tanya's daughter (Shanice) with Toddlers  

Tanya's son (Will) with Toddlers

Other reflections:

From a current family: "You are a light in the Center, and I cannot imagine [my son] being anywhere beside UBCCC with you... You have a wonderful family and I am glad to be a part of it..."

From a former family: "Tanya has an intuitive sense of the vibes and feelings of an infant..."

From a current family: "She has always been happy to offer suggestions in the most realistic and helpful way. She is an ASSET to UBCCC parents..."

From a former family: "...our family has had a special connection to Tanya's via UBCCC.  Three generations have taught my kids, from Marian to Tanya to Shanice... I feel so fortunate that she and her family were there to guide and love each one of my boys..."

From a current family: "Perhaps the greatest testament to Tanya's exceptional ability to care for children is her own children... The multi-generational influence that Tanya's family has had on the center is unprecedented, and truly an exceptional legacy... Tanya told us that the kids never remember their infant teachers, [but] we want you to know that the parents never forget...  We love you and are grateful for everything that you have done for us and the families of UBCCC..."