Campus in Bloom (South & North)

Published July 27, 2015

South Campus Gardens

The gardens at South Campus were prepped by the Marshall family who have children in Pre-K (Evan), and Toddler 1 (Elise). The Marshall family put a lot of tender loving care in getting the gardens ready and they planted everything for the center!

Mary DeLesline from Infant 1 is the primary garden overseer along with help from Stacey Ives (Toddler 1) and Donna Benedyk (Center Float).

We thank the entire team for their dedication and care bringing our beautiful gardens to life!

It's a family affair - Marshall family hard at work!

Both Evan (Pre-K) and Elise (Toddler 1) getting their hands dirty tending to the garden.

Summer blooms!

Our herb garden.  

Luscious greens!

A bountiful harvest from our very own garden!

North Campus Gardens

Dan, along with the toddlers, works very hard here at UBCCC to maintain the toddler garden. In addition to the garden on the toddler playground Dan created a garden behind the center. Dan wrote a little information about the gardens below. We hope you enjoy the story along with these beautiful pictures as much as we do.

Thank you Dan for all the work you do with the gardens!!

We try to recycle as much as possible in our gardens at UBCCC. The seeds for our Amaranth this year where grown in my garden at home last year. The Coneflowers we started last summer have returned attracting bees, butterflies and birds. Those birds gave us some help panting most of this year’s Sunflowers which were incorporated into the design where they grew. An old Sunflower stalk still stands to where the seed for this year’s Sunflowers came from and hopefully future talk of life cycles.

Last year there was art added to our garden by UBCCC Summer Camp. Small mosaics and painted rocks were laid out to form a large mosaic that will be at the gardens heart moving forward! As much work as Summer Camp did in last year’s garden, the toddlers have lent a hand in planting much of this year’s garden.

This year we started some of Cherokee Long Ear Popcorn form colorful seeds as a window garden project in April. If the bunnies aren’t too hungry, we hope to have corn for harvest/drying in September, stalks to use in the classrooms in October and we will be able to have popcorn in the spring! If you are walking down to the point feel free to have a look as things grow fast.

~ Dan Ball