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Message from the Campaign Chair

Portrait of H. Austin Booth

Dear UB Colleagues:

I am honored and humbled to be your 2014 UB Employees Campaign for the Community Chairperson. I have been so impressed in learning that more than 2,400 members of our university community made a contribution to the UB Campaign in 2013. You are the reason why this campaign is—and will continue to be—the most successful campaign of its kind in Western New York, as well as a model for others to follow. You exhibit a basic goodness that binds us as a university community through your generosity. Your fundraising events, your gifts and your contributions of time and expertise have strengthened the collective UB community and have impacted countless lives in our region. We build community, kindness through kindness, gift by gift, inside and outside of UB through this campaign.

I have not appreciated the full impact of this effort until now. Without taking anything away from everything we do in the community as individuals, what other opportunity do we have at UB to express an individual and community goodness at the same moment as we can by giving to this campaign? I can think of no other answer. All of you who give already know this. We invite all of you who have not yet given to think of this year’s campaign in this way. We hope you will take your place with your UB colleagues in expressing the goodness of your spirit by giving to agencies that work tirelessly to strengthen and build our most cherished communities.

As you consider your level of giving, I would like you to be aware that as a special challenge this year, the past three Campaign for the Community chairs—Dennis Black, Scott Weber and Austin Booth—and I will together add beyond our gift levels from last year:

·       $1 to the gift of every new first-time contributor.

·       $1 to every continuing gift that is greater than 10% of last year’s gift.

·       $200 for every unit that meets its overall campaign goal.

I have spent 35 years at UB and love this community. I am thrilled to be able to work with all of you in this new capacity as we work together to improve the lives of all of us who give and the lives of the many people who will benefit from the services of the more than 900 agencies we will support through our kindness. Thank you for your contribution to UB’s Campaign for the Community.

With best regards,

Sean Sullivan
Vice Provost for Academic Planning, Budget and Evaluation
Chair, 2014 Employees Campaign for the Community