Message from the Campaign Chair

Portrait of Graham Hammill, 2017 Campaign Chair

Dear UB Colleagues, 

I am humbled and honored to be the Chair for UB’s 2017 Employees Campaign for the Community. For several decades, UB has taken its place among the nation’s most generous universities, based on employee giving. Your gifts and contributions have positively influenced countless lives in the Western New York Region, reflecting the spirit of volunteerism and charitable giving that infuses our university community.  My special thanks go to Bob Genco, chair of last year’s campaign, for his hard work and diligence in supporting the UB community’s efforts to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. I hope to do the same this year. 

This past summer, Rema Hanash, Director of Resource Development at United Way, organized visits for me to several of the agencies that our campaign supports. I was able to see firsthand the commitment and dedication of professionals working with the populations they serve and to hear directly the stories of individuals and families whose lives are changed for the better because of their efforts. My wish is that each of you could experience the goodness and kindness in these settings. To that end, I hope to share stories of different agencies with you over the course of our campaign through videos and presentations. 

It is because of each of you that the UB Employees Campaign for the Community has been such a success. Last year, more than 2,200 employees contributed to the UB Campaign. Your generosity and care for others is what makes our Employees Campaign the largest of its kind in Western New York, and a model nationally. Most importantly, thank you for your support as we make a difference in the lives of those most in need. There are so many ways you give—through your time, your expertise and your participation in charitable organizations. This year, through our combined gifts, we have the opportunity once more to support the community of which we are a part, and to demonstrate how deeply we value that community. 

Please join your colleagues in supporting the 2017 UB Employees Campaign. To make your donation, please visit

Graham Hammill
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dean of the Graduate School
Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education
Chair, 2017 Employees Campaign for the Community