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Campaign Steering Committee

Steering committee contacts for employees:

Get personal help for your campaign or giving questions. 

Academic Planning, Budget and Evaluation and
2014 Campaign for the Community Chair

Sean Sullivan,

Academic Planning, Budget and Evaluation

Diane Stolarski,

Division of Athletics

Allen Greene,

School of Architecture and Planning

William McDonnell,

College of Arts and Sciences

Peter Rittner,
Joseph Syracuse,

Chief Information Officer

JoAnn Greenzweig,
Paul Francavilla,

School of Dental Medicine
Pamela Jones,

Emeritus Center
Toni Canazzi,

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Christina Escobar,
Michelle Chasse,

Finance and Administration

Amanda Brown,
Karen Grey,
Amy Myszka,
Joseph Raab,

Graduate School of Education

Jenifer Lawrence,
Sue Verbocy,

Law School
Lisa Mueller,

School of Management

Cynthia Shore,
Hailley MacDonald,

School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Vice President Health Sciences

Raymond Dannenhoffer,

School of Nursing
Carol Palm,

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michelle Grasso,
Jennifer Berryman,

Office of the President
Colleen Lutz,
Daniel Kelly,

Research and Economic Development
Suzanne Chamberlain,

Office of the Provost
Mick Thompson,

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
Kathleen Heckman,
Kristen Murphy,

School of Public Health and Health Professions

Michelle Incorvia,

School of Social Work
Sarah Watson,

UB Foundation
Ed Schneider,

University Communications
Amber Winters,

University Libraries
Cherie Williams,
Denise Wolfe,

University Life and Services
John Lambert,
Jim Nadbrzuch,