"People living in Kenyan slums face depraved living conditions and a rental housing market that is highly exploitative of its tenants."


The amyloid hypothesis has driven lots of leading Alzheimer's research, but some scientists are looking elsewhere: axonal transport.


"You can't grow a new fingerprint or iris if that information is divulged." A new system could solve this problem by using your brainwaves instead.


Asking narcissists to think of themselves as the person in need could get them to put their money towards charity.


The new catalyst could be more cost efficient, potentially cutting the price tag on cars that run using hydrogen fuel cells.


"The message here is that your genetic risk for obesity is not wholly deterministic..."


"The big news here is that we did the opposite of what has been done in the last 40 years..."


"Our study provides some of the first geologic evidence that a coastal migration route was available for early humans as they colonized the New World."


New "lung-on-a-chip" technology could speed up and lower the cost of developing drugs for pulmonary fibrosis, a deadly lung disease.


Daily aerobic exercise altered a dopamine pathway in the brains of animals, research shows. Does this mean cardio could treat or prevent addiction in people?