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University at Buffalo's strategic plan

Current Status

The arrival of the spring 2011 semester marks the beginning of a very important series of milestones for the Student Records team.  As scheduled, Program/Plan will go live in early February and Enrollment (class registration) will go live shortly thereafter, in early March.  Because the overwhelming majority of Enrollment users will need to view student Program/Plan information, and the overwhelming majority of Program/Plan users have a need to view student registration information, an administrator requesting/having access to one of these student- records-related areas will automatically be granted access to the other (in a view-only fashion - at minimum).  As a result, “View Only” training for both of these “Go-Lives” have been combined and will take place in mid-February.  If an administrator does not have a transactional role in either (or both) of these “Go-Lives,” then he or she has been sent an invite to attend a “View Only” training session.

The HUB (formerly “UBSIS”) will be utilized in production after the proper training has taken place and as soon as Program/Plan goes live.

As a reminder, students will not be able to place intended majors on their own student records effective late January; this change will require the student to communicate with their department(s) to ensure that they are properly advised regarding their choice(s).

As always, a great deal of progress can be attributed to the incredible support received from fellow colleagues at both the individual and departmental level.    We thank everyone for sharing continued enthusiasm and ensuring the quality of our collective efforts as we advance towards the completion of this monumental university initiative.