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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

Current Status

We have been working closely with the Student Financials team as well as other modules to ensure a smooth transition to HUB. Much of the work is “behind the scenes” as we prepare the environments to receive various types of financial aid data.

Currently, we have completed the process of loading ISIRs into the production environment for the first major Financial Aid “Go-live.” This sets the stage for continuing work on aid year rollover, and amending configurations in relation to the new aid year. We will soon be starting new processes for 2011-12 aid year in HUB.

We have successfully staged data within the training environment for Financial Aid and user training - Janessa Givens-Daniels has facilitated all of the Financial Aid end-user training to date.

Also, we are continuing to identify new item types (e.g. institutional scholarships) and the team is working closely with Student Financials to configure these item types into the HUB.  The next major milestone is when award packaging begins for new students, followed by continuing students – targeted for mid-to-late spring 2011.