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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

Student Services Transformation Updates

Campus Community

Providing students a single place to input and update basic biographical information, such as name, address and emergency contact information so it can be shared interdepartmentally.

Current Status

The academic advising team continues to work with admissions preparing for the January 2011 go-live target to assist with HUB auto-decision processes for accepted undergraduate transfers. 

The team is working on rule-building with departments and testing how UB enrollments are functioning in advising audit reports. Rule building involves the course lists, requirements and requirement groups that feed into our academic advising audit report (currently DARS) so that a student or staff person can see where a student is in the life-cycle of their major, minor or university requirements. This enables students to monitor their progress toward graduation and any outstanding requirements necessary for degree completion.

Meanwhile, along with most of the other SST project members, we’re involved in testing, testing and more testing to make sure that the academic rules that were built function as planned. We’re also working with the HUB training team to prepare staff managing transfer admissions and transfer student preparation for Fall 2011.