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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Introducing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Over the past three years, intensive analysis has been devoted to understanding requirements for a telephone communication system that will support UB’s academic and research mission and prepare our University for the 21st century.  UB currently supports over 80 separate telephone systems that provide uneven coverage, inconsistent feature sets, and are costly to maintain and individually replace.  As a major goal of the UB 2020 IT Transformation process, a new feature-rich telephone technology has been identified, and implementation plans were devised and reviewed.  We are pleased to announce the start of the implementation of the UB 2020 IT Strategic Transformation project to provide the campus with a uniform feature-rich telephone system, the Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Project. Installations are in progress.

Why VoIP?

The new VoIP (pronounced "voyp") system is based on technology that combines voice communications on the same data network that supports computing on campus.  This technology is a proven and cost effective industry direction.  Deployments at other universities and our own trial/pilot have demonstrated VoIP to be robust and reliable.

VoIP System Features / Benefits to Departments

The VoIP project plan is more than simple replacement of existing telephone sets with new VoIP telephones. The nature of VoIP technology will provide the following benefits to departments:

  • a direct dial number for every telephone
  • published 645 and 829 numbers will be retained and migrated to VoIP
  • every phone will be given a direct seven digit number (phone numbers will replace extension numbers)
  • voice mail
  • excellent sound quality
  • elimination of department billing for usage
  • many other common features found on modern systems

Since VoIP technology integrates voice and data traffic on the same network, an additional benefit to departments is a required data network upgrade that precedes VoIP installation, which is expected to improve computer network performance in many buildings.

A VoIP team professional will contact each department in turn to schedule a consultation meeting.