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Strategic Information Reporting Initiative

Project Update

February 17, 2009

SIRI is celebrating its one year anniversary with expanded access, enhancements, and significant progress towards achieving the vision of a single authoritative source for information and reporting. SIRI now includes reports and dashboards for financial, human resource, procurement, and Resource Management analysis and reports. Limited research, philanthropy, space, and student information is available as well. Together this SIRI functionality encompasses the reporting available through BARS financial and HR inquiry, UBBusiness People and Money, and InfoSource On-line financial, employee, and inventory reports, with UBFirst screens on their way. SIRI is presently available to senior management, CFO’s and their operations, and administrative offices.

Specific announcements include:

Expanded Access: Individuals who currently have access to one or more of the following systems (BARS financial and HR, UBBusiness People and Money, UBFirst, and InfoSource On-line finance, employee, and inventory reports), receive approval from their CFO, and participate in SIRI Learning Opportunities will be able to access SIRI beginning March 2, 2009. Individuals will receive e-mail notification shortly, as the access review process is completed with each CFO, containing detailed information regarding next steps, SIRI Learning Opportunities, and how to obtain access. SIRI Learning Opportunities will begin to be available in March.

Enhancements: Enhancements to existing SIRI Dashboards and reports are starting to be piloted through the SIRI Customer Team. The SIRI Customer Team consists of campus representatives who assist in designing SIRI functionality, provide feedback, and test new releases. Once enhancements are completed in the Customer Team they are made available to campus CFO’s and support staff, then all SIRI customers as applicable. Additions include a dashboard designed specifically for CFO’s, improvements to the Resource Management strategic dashboard, UBF information in Money, and other miscellaneous improvements.

Organized Abandonment: Primary goals of SIRI are providing customers a single authoritative source for information and reporting, and increased efficiencies associated with analysis and reporting. SIRI now delivers the information found in BARS finance and HR, UBBusiness People and Money, and InfoSource On-line finance and HR reports in a similar and improved fashion. While much data quality improvement work remains, SIRI has made small to large improvements in over 200 data issues identified through the initiative. In order to make progress towards the SIRI goal effective July 1, 2009 campus access to BARS finance and HR, UBBusiness People and Money, and InfoSource On-Line finance, HR, and inventory reports will close. The transition will challenge us to meet our information and reporting needs differently, but at the same time there are many improvements and benefits that will tremendously improve campus information analysis and reporting capabilities over time.

SIRI creates an information analysis and reporting foundation that will fundamentally improve those capabilities across the campus. As we bring these solutions together into one place, make the information more consistent, comparable, and complete, we improve the resources available to support enhanced strategic, managerial, and operational analysis, reporting, and decision making capabilities. The entire process is a journey that will take time with many improvements along the way. We appreciate your support and participation as we work to maximize the benefit to the campus.