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Research Presentations, Workshops, Conferences


Michael Rembis, 2011-12 Civic Engagement Research Fellow presents May 2013.

In addition to offering competitive fellowships for UB faculty researchers, CEPP supports and advances community-based research and scholarship by UB researchers in many other ways in its events programming.  

Examples include:

  • Hosting Research Presentations by our faculty Research Fellows and Community Scholars
  • Organizing Research Workshops for faculty and graduate students to gain practical insights into research methods, best practices, challenges and opportunities for various types of community-based research
  • Arranging Grant-Related Workshops
  • Organizing Community-wide Research Workshops to facilitate discussion and networking between community research partners and scholars
  • Sponsoring Research Conferences and Forums.

In the Spring 2014 semester, CEPP events include on-campus presentations and the fifth annual Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop off campus:

  • Research Presentations by CEPP Research Fellows: Dr. Jill Koyama with Molly Short Carr on March 7 (flyer here), Dr. Christine Wang on April 9 (flyer here), and Prof. Tony Szczygiel on May 2 (flyer with details here).
  • Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop, a major Community-Wide Research Event, on March 28, 2014 (flyer/program here).
  • Community Scholar-in-Residence public presentations and panel discussion on Wednesday, April 23, on "Assessing Community Resilience for Policy- and Decision-Making: The Cattaraugus Creek and the Seneca Nation of Indians" with Miichael Gates, Director, Emergency Management, Seneca Nation of Indians, Dr. Chris Renschler, UB Geography, and John Whitney, District Conservationist, US DDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and students (flyer with details here).
  • Public Presentation on February 21, 2014 with Lenny Siegel, Executive Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, speaking on "Beyond Community Engagement: Facilitating Public Involvement in Environmental Policy and Technical Decisions" (flyer here).
  • Cosponsored Public Workshops 
    • April 11, on "What’s Next with Lead?  No More Toxic Housing: Creative Legal, Policy, and Grassroots Solutions for Buffalo and Beyond" (details here).
    • May 14, on "Home Health Innovations: Bridging Research and Practice" (see here for full details).
  • Cosponsored Research Workshop on June 4 on "Conducting Qualitative Research Interviews" with Dr. Linda S. Kahn and Dr. Bonnie M. Vest, UB Family Medicine, and Dr. Elisa M. Rodriguez, Rosewell Park Cancer Institute (see here for details).

During the Fall 2013 semester CEPP events included:

  • Research Presentations on September 27, 2013: Two Panel Discussions by faculty Research Fellows who received Grant Development Fellowships or Research Dissemination Fellowships.  See here for information.
  • CEPP Research Network Meeting on September 27, 2013: An event for UB researchers interested in community-based research
  • Major Public Forum on October 2, 2013 with Dr. Meredith Minkler from University of California, Berkeley on "Building Healthy Environmentts in Diverse Settings: The Value Added by Community-Engaged Research."  This event was a result of collaboration between CEPP and the Clean Air Coalition of WNY, the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions, the UB School of Nursing, the UB Social of Social Work, the UB Department of Family Medicine, the UB Clinical and Translational Research Center, and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Health Disparities as well as the Peter and Elizabether C. Tower Foundation. See here for information.
  • Community-wide Research Event as part of the 2nd Buffalo Food Policy Summit on October 23-24, 2013 with tje Research Roundtable Keynote address by Dr. Julian Agyeman, Tufts University, on "'Just Sustainabilities' in Food Systems Research."

An archive listing of all of the research events – presentations, workshops, and conferences, from 2009-2013 -- is available here.