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A UB architectural historian's new book illuminates how propagandists used lifestyle stories to soften Hitler’s image prior to World War II.


Economic well-being for low-income families in the U.S. is often determined by basic requirements for essentials such as food, shelter and clothing, but a new UB study suggests that such a definition is unrealistically narrow.


The Star Trek-like technology could help bring drugs to market quicker, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pix of increased oligodendrocytes

University at Buffalo scientists have found that deleting from the adult brain a protein necessary for early development actually fosters the growth of cells that generate myelin.  


A UB chemist lands prestigious NSF CAREER award to do research that could help extend the sponges’ lives.


UB researchers have generated human serotonin neurons from human fibroblasts, the cells that give rise to connective tissue in the body.They say their findings are applicable to generating many other previously inaccessible human cell types.


The events will help budding entrepreneurs sharpen their business skills and, ultimately, win some of the contest’s $5 million in cash prizes.


In the late 17th century, a fanciful British reformer thought that hunger could be abolished if Parliament enacted a law requiring all landowners to plant fruit trees.


The ultra-efficient modern home — UB’s entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon contest — will be moved outside on July 29.


Business founders include faculty and an alumnus.


Agencies plan to monitor thousands of manmade objects that orbit Earth and threaten spacecraft.


The technology may lead to more powerful weapons, energy savings and reduced crew numbers.