UB Curriculum

Group of students in a classroom.

The UB Curriculum is a unique core education program for all undergraduate students at UB. It provides students with foundational knowledge, promotes personalized intellectual discovery and critical thinking by allowing students to explore customized thematically clustered courses, and equips students with diverse and global cultural understanding. The UB Curriculum prepares students for life, career and citizenship in a diverse and dynamic world.  

Interprofessional Education

Medical Students working on a practice dummy.

Traditionally professional students are taught in isolated programs with little exposure to the roles and responsibilities of other professionals they will be required to collaborate with in their future careers. Initially focused on health care-related disciplines, Interprofessional Education at UB brings professional students in related fields together to train and work as a team, preparing them to be collaborative-practice ready when they enter the workforce.

Experiential Learning

UB Volunteers in hardhats building a house.

UB offers an exciting array of experiential learning opportunities—such as internships, mentored research, business competitions, creative performances, and community service—that show students how the knowledge they learn in the classroom is useful and applicable in the real world. As a result of our UB 2020 goal to increase experiential learning opportunities for all students, UB has added resources and programs like the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA), Undergraduate Academies and Blackstone LaunchPad

International Experience

Study abroad student with locals, wearing native garments in a field of flowers.

UB is a truly global university that is committed to sharing our international worldview with our students in order to prepare them to be global citizens. UB offers a range of study abroad options, unique international degree programs, and internationally focused classes and extracurricular programs that allow students to meaningfully engage with other cultures and social systems.

Finish in 4

Students in caps and gowns at commencement ceremony.

Finish in 4 is UB’s commitment to provide undergraduate students with the curricular and advising support needed to ensure timely graduation. This program guarantees student enrollees that if they follow their personal course plans, they will earn a degree in four years or UB will pay for any additional courses needed. Finish in 4 has attracted national attention and been praised as a model program for increasing college affordability and improving graduation rates