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Recruitment Management


January 11, 2007

UB’s new recruitment management system is expected to go live January 29th, 2007. Plans to link from UB’s main web page, UB Business and MyUB are in progress. The project is very close to completion, with only one last round of changes left to be done by the vendor, PeopleAdmin. PeopleAdmin is adding a set of qualifying questions that will pre-screen applicants. Training on the system is scheduled to begin during the week of January 16th, and an applicant tutorial is expected to be completed within a similar timeframe. HR will provide additional training sessions on as as needed basis.


The RMS team was charged with implementing an electronic solution to automate and streamline the recruitment process for faculty and staff. PeopleAdmin, the vendor that was chosen, provides a software system designed to automate the recruitment process used in Higher Education. Initially two software modules were purchased:

  1. Applicant Tracking Module: This module focuses on automating the job posting approval process and posting these vacancies online. It also automates the collection, qualification, tracking and distribution of employment applications and key applicant EEOC data.
  2. Position Description Module: this module enables you to track position descriptions online.


  • Sue Gale*
  • Sue Steck*
  • Jessica Byerly
  • Lynn Emminger
  • Sandy Drabek
  • David Bray
  • Jerry Linder
  • Jim Nadbrzuch
  • Sue Ferry
  • Nancy Kielar*
  • Saira Haisnain*
  • Scott Nostaja

* Team Leaders