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January 10, 2008

The full suite of business rules for state transactions have been programmed into the ePTF application within the QA environment and are now under final review by HR. These rules are expected to be rolled into production by February 2008. Once complete, the team will turn its attention to the Research Foundation (RF) replacement which will use the state model as a guide for a faster project turn-around. At present, the rules for RF have been collected; next steps are to conduct a gap analysis. The University at Buffalo Foundation (UBF) system will follow.


Make the process of requesting personnel transactions easier for units, departments, and individual PI’s by creating a web based interface that can be pre-populated with information from existing systems thereby reducing the need to “look up” information in multiple systems; and increasing the speed at which requests can be made. Integrate the web based tool with the process changes that resulted from the HR Transformation initiative.


  • Jim Gorman*
  • Nicole Hayden
  • Joe Kerr*
  • Dave Lease
  • Donna Loliger
  • Scott Morris*
  • Michele Poitras
  • Chris Salem
  • Greg Sheehan
  • Donna Czaja

* Team Leaders