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Consolidation: UNIX E-mail Implementation


September 10, 2009

A consolidated calendar infrastructure has now been made available university-wide to all UB faculty and staff. The UB Oracle Calendar Service provides an enterprise-class personal and group calendaring platform, accessible via multiple methods for flexible connectivity and business continuity.


The UB2020 Unix Email and Calendaring sub team is charged with the responsibility of consolidating the various UNIX email servers on campus to one highly available, spam and virus protected service, with adequate quotas that meet the needs of the customers of the digital age. Currently there are about six different UNIX email implementation on campus. In addition to email, the team is also charged with consolidating the Unix Oracle (Corporate Time old name) calendaring solution on campus.


  • Saira Hasnain, Project Lead
  • Martin Camacho
  • Adalberto DelaRosa
  • Andy Koenig
  • Jason Lasker
  • Ken Smith