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Consolidation: Exchange E-mail Implementation


March 20, 2009

Approximately 200 user departmental mailboxes and 4100 VoIP mailboxes have been migrated to the central Exchange 2007 service.


There are currently 15 Independent Microsoft Exchange email/calendaring systems deployed on campus. The primary goal of this project is to consolidate these independent systems into single comprehensive Exchange service offering. Messaging systems such as Exchange are regarded as critical systems for normal effective business operation. Therefore, Exchange service implemented by this project team will be designed as a highly reliable messaging system with built-in redundancy in order to meet customer’s needs and business continuity objectives.

The current department based Exchange Service model provides some server component fault-tolerance such as disk arrays & redundant power supplies, but does not provide true “service redundancy”. Consequently, a major system or site failure can result in service outages lasting one to several days. Consolidation of these departmental servers concentrates terabytes of customer data in a single service. The scope of a service outage therefore can affect thousands of customers. A business continuity strategy consisting of multi-site redundant servers and data storage is strongly recommended to reduce the risk and impact of a server and data storage failures.

The demand for new messaging system features are continually evolving such as the need for mobile access from a variety of mobile devices as an efficient means of communication and collaboration. The service created by this implementation project will be designed to support Blackberry and MSMobile supported devices.

In addition, this service will be designed to utilize an enterprise message hygiene system currently being designed and developed by Unix email team. This system when implemented will help to control the massive amount of SPAM and virus laden messages that currently clog UB’s messaging systems. The project team will provide a requirements document to the Message Hygiene Team that defines the specific needs of the Exchange Messaging System. It may be necessary to implement an interim message hygiene solution depending on the projected availability of the enterprise service.

A customer needs assessment has been completed as part of the initial steps of this project and will be used to guide the implementation of this service to ensure customer needs and expectation are met.


  • Dan Deakin, Project Lead
  • Sharon Arieno
  • Peter Connelly
  • Bob Davis
  • Steve Heist
  • Daryl Kempf
  • Joe Mantione
  • John Moscato
  • Joel Nentwich
  • Nick Triplet