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Consolidation: Database Implementation


March 20, 2009

The plan for Database consolidation is to provide three standard database environments: Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL.


IT transformation is a UB 2020 effort aimed at creating capacity within UB’s IT community. As part of the Services and Server Consolidation, a committee within IT transformation, the UB Database Consolidation Implementation Team will be implementing backend database services and servers for Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server which will be shared amongst UB’s IT community. Each database will contain an infrastructure for development, test/training, QA and production. The development environment will be shared amongst the UB IT community for new and enhancements to existing systems. Like the development environment testing/training will be shared amongst the UB IT community for testing database upgrades, and provide training to and a sandbox for end users. QA will verify new or enhanced systems will not degrade existing production systems in any way. UB’s production environment will be used to conduct daily UB business.


  • Tom Wendt, Project Lead
  • Jeff Chlebowy
  • Jeff Fineberg
  • Saira Hainan
  • Jeff Klein
  • Michael Kukla
  • Chris Miller
  • Jim Northrop