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Consolidation: Anti-Virus


November 21, 2008

Progress is being made with Microsoft to address reporting tools and needs.


The AV/Patch/Firewall/Backup implementation team's undertaking includes the following; unify the diverse community of UBs Servers and Services by our vision; thereby providing a safer and more secure computing environment, provide the tools needed by the IT Units at UB, facilitate training and networking on the standardized software application; within the UB IT community, create an environment that will be innovative, to maximize productivity and problem solving, provide leadership in an ever changing IT environment to meet IT challenges at UB, and be responsive and a responsible member of our university computing community.


  • Richard Amantia, Project Lead
  • Mike Barclay
  • Cathy Ullman
  • Shinil Hong
  • Jordan Kruse
  • Phyllis Rubino
  • Mark Zalikowski