CEPP Faculty Directory

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Below, you will find a list of faculty members associated with the Strategic Strength in Civic Engagement and Public Policy, together with their contact info, a link to their faculty profile, and their research interests.

Name Department/School Research Keywords
Kafuli Agbemenu Nursing Womens' reproductive health - African immigrants and refugees - Health education -  Health disparities - Community-based participatory research
David Alff English Projects - Public works - Improvement - Writing - Plans
Alex Anas Economics Transportation - Housing - Land use - Economic development - Environment
Laura Anderson Nursing Healthy weight and mental health promotion - Obesity prevention in at-risk populations
Stephanie Anzman-Frasca Pediatrics Child development - Obesity prevention - Eating behavior - Health disparities
John Atkinson Civil, Structural, & Environmental Engineering Air pollution control - Sustainable materials - Environmental engineering - Indoor & outdoor air quality
Joseph Atkinson Civil, Structural, & Environmental Engineering Ecosystem restoration - Great Lakes modeling (hydrodynamic, water quality) - Environmental fluid mechanics - Sediment transport
Sung-Heui Bae Nursing Healthcare Workforce – Overtime – Work environment – Patient safety – Work team/groups
Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen Geography Economic development - Labor markets - International business - Biotechnology industry - University and regional development
Louanne Bakk Social Work Aging - Health disparities - Health access - Social welfare policy - Community-based interventions - Technology and older adults
Annahita Ball Social Work School social work - Educational reform - School-family-community partnerships - Interdisciplinary collaboration in schools - Parent empowerment
Shannon Bassett Architecture Ecological urbanism - Landscape ecology - Chinese urbanization - public interest design
James Battista Political Science State legislatures - Legislative parties - Legislative committees - Legislative representation - Internal legislative institutions
Carol Berman Anthropology Animal behavior - Primate social behavior - Conservation biology
Mary A. Bisson Biological Sciences Environment - Plant biology
Barbara Bono English Literature and Society - Feminism - Cultural materialism - Socio-economic conditions of production
Elizabeth Bowen Social Work Homelessness -- HIV/AIDS -- Addiction – Health disparities -- Housing and community development policy – Drug policy
Corey Bower Educational Leadership & Policy
Achievement gaps - Social policy - Educational policy - Urban poverty - School-Community partnerships
Julie Bowker Psychology Peer relationships - Friendships - Children - Adolescents - adjustment
Barry Boyer Law (emeritus) Environmental policy - Great lakes - Environmental history - Water quality
Claire Cameron Learning & Instruction Cognitive development in early childhood - Measurement of self-regulation - Classroom learning environments - Science communication - Public engagement
Douglas H. Clements Learning & Instruction Mathematics education - poverty - Educational standards - Teaching - Professional development
Paul Creighton Pediatric & Community Dentistry Preventive Dentistry - Early Childhood Caries
- Interrelationship between oral and systemic health - Impact of Oral Health on Quality of Life
Julia Colyar Educational Leadership & Policy Higher education - College access - Underrepresented students - Women in leadership
Kim Diana Connolly Law Law and environment - Environmental law and policy - Clinical legal education - Social justice
John Crane Medicine Infectious Disease - Microbial Pathogenesis -Vitamins and Trace Nutrients - Global health
Ning Dai Civil, Structural, & Environmental Engineering Water treatment - CO2 capture - Environment - Climate Change
Sarah Delevan Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Environmental and water resources engineering - Environmental engineering - Experimental fluid mechanics - Biological/ecological flow applications
Greg Dimitriadis Educational Leadership & Policy Popular culture - Alternative education sites and programs - Qualitative inquiry
Howard J. Doueck Social Work Child protection - Child abuse and neglect - Assessment of risk - Services for individuals with developmental disabilities
Catherine N. Dulmas Social Work child and adolescent mental health - serious mental illness across the lifespan - evidence-based practice - community-university partnerships
Munroe Eagles Political Science Canadian studies - Canadian-American relations - Cross-border regionalism - Political participation - Voter turnout
Sarah Elder Media Study Ethnographic filmmaking – Visual anthropology – Alaska Native cultures – Indigenous knowledge – Oral histories
Gretchen Ely Social Work Health access - Women’s health - Reproductive health - Cancer prevention - Social justice
Diane Elze Social Work GLBTQ youth - HIV prevention - Adolescent health - Mental health
Kenneth English Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; NYSEDII  
Thomas Feeley Communication Interpersonal communication – Health communication – Theories of persuasion and social influence – Organ
Kathryn Bryk Friedman The Regional Institute Canada-US border security - Governance of binational regions - International law
Joseph A. Gardella, Jr. Chemistry Environmental science - Brownfields and toxic sites - Air pollution - K-12 science education - K-12 special education
Jordan Geiger Architecture Urban design – Interaction design
David Gerber History; Center for Disasbility Studies Developmental disability – US ethnic historians
James A. Gardner Law Law - Democracy - Government
Robert Granfield Sociology Law and Legal practice - Addiction - Access to justice - Housing - Poverty
Melanie Green Communication Persuasion - Attitude change through narratives - Internet relationships - Health communication
Donald Grinde American Studies Native American policy - Environmental restoration - Indigenous Studies - U.S. government policy - Native American government policy
Himanshu Grover Urban & Regional Planning Urban Planning policy - Resilient and sustainable communities - Environmental hazards - Climate change adaptation - International environmental policy
Stephen Halpern Political Science Public Law - Civil liberties
Erin Hatton Sociology Work & Labor Markets - Labor & Labor Movments: Law & Social Policy -  Race, Gender, Class & Inequality
Berat Z Haznedaroglu Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Microbial water quality - Sustainable bioenergy
Steve Hoffman Sociology Organizations – Social psychology – Science and technology – Theory – Qualitative methods
Bruce Jackson English Narrative theory and Performance - Ethnography - Film -Photography
Stephen Jacobson Educational Leadership & Policy School leadership - Successful high poverty schools - Teacher compensation - Teacher labor markets - School administrator preparation
Carla Junquist Nursing  
Linda Kahn Family Medicine Health disparities – Complex chronic illness – Diabetes and depression – Qualitative research
Mansoor A. F. Kazi Social Work Program evaluation - Mental health - Children & families - Youth justice - Evidence based practice
Eiichiro Kazumori Economics

Microeconomic theory - Finance - Industrial Organization

Erin Kearney Learning & Instruction Cultural dimensions of foreign language teaching and learning – Language teacher development and education – Language play and learner identity
Isok Kim Social Work Asian Americans - Ethnic Minorities - Immigrants/refugees -Racism - Mental health
Marc Kiviniemi Community Health & Health Behavior Health behavior change - Decision making - Health communications
Fred Klaits Anthropology Faith-based outreach - Health care - Citizenship
Kathleen A. Kost Social Work Poverty - Employment - Disaster planning - Organization Development - Community building - Culture and community development
Ashima Krishna Urban & Regional Planning Historic preservation - Urban conservation - Adaptive reuse - Urban heritage management - Cultural heritage
James Lenker Rehabilitation Science Assistive Technology outcomes research - Universal Desirn - Complete Streets
Lucia Leone Community Health & Health Behavior Improving nutrition, physical activity, and cancer screening - Health disparities - Food access and local food systems - Obesity and cancer prevention
Xiufeng Liu Learning & Instruction Science education - Public understanding of science - Science and the public - K-12 schools - Science policy
Zhen Liu Economics Industrial organization - Finance and accounting - Decision making and game theory
Patricia Logan-Greene Social Work Violence victimization and perpetration - Cumulative adversity and development - Prevention programming - Juvenile justice - Inequalities in the justice system - Mass incarceration
Arabella Lyon English Human rights - Transnational/global feminism - Deliberative rhetoric
Susan Mangold Law Child abuse and neglect - Child protection - Family violence - Child welfare
Sam Magavern Law Public policy - Affordable housing - Community economic development
Jordana Maisel Architecture & Planning Built environment – Neighborhood development and revitalization – Public policy – Universal design in housing and streetscape design
Ndubueze Mbah History Atlantic studies - Slavery -  Women, Masculinities and Sexuality
Martha McCluskey Law Law and economics – Welfare law – Gender and law – Critical legal studies – Health law
Mary McVee Learning & Instruction  
Christopher Mele Sociology Housing - Gentrification - Displacement
Sara Metcalf Geography Land use policy - Participatory modeling - Urban agriculture - Sustainable transportation
Ruth Meyerowitz Transnational Studies Women’s right -- Labor rights – Public policy
Amy E. Millen Epidemiology & Environmental Health Nutrition - Epidemiology - Chronic disease - Vitamin D - Public health
Suzanne Miller Learning & Instruction Education - Teaching - Learning - Public schools - 21st century literacies
Teresa Miller Law Criminal punishment theory – Immigration law – Prisoner law – Criminal procedure – Law and documentary studies
Tammy Millilo
Chemistry Multivariate statistical analysis - Chemometrics - Environmental geostatistics - Image processing
Brenda Moore Sociology Race and ethnic relations – Military sociology – Gender stratification
Dalia Muller History Race and ethnic relations – Military sociology – Gender stratification
Yunju Nam Social Work Social policy - Poverty - Asset building - Immigrants and Refugees - Aging
Jacob Neiheisel Political Science Religion and politics - Election administation - Campaigns and elections
Valerie Nesset Library & Information Studies Information literacy - Information-seeking behavior
Jerry Newman Management Poverty - Low wage labor - Fast food jobs
Carl Nightingale Transnational Studies Race – Critical race theory – Urban history – World history – Youth culture
Heather Ochs-Balcom Epidemiology & Environmental Health Genetics - Genetic epidemiology - Breast cancer - Health disparities
Heather Orom Community Health & Health Behavior Cancer prevention - Community Engagement - Environmental Disasters
Jessica Owley Law Environmental law – Land conservation – Public/private divide – Property – Federal Indian law
Erkin  Özay Architecture Educational environments - School design - Urban revitalization - Urban conservation and infrastrucutre
Miriam Paeslack Arts Management Photographic image and urban space – Memory and identity  
Anne Marie Perrault Library & Information Studies Information seeking behaviors of educators – Public and school library services to youth with disabilities
Lorna Peterson Library & Information Studies Librarianship - Information access - Cultural heritage - Cities and urban life - Cultural preservation
Alfred Price Urban & Regional Planning
Urban housing – Low income housing – Housing policy – Project financing – Brownfields redevelopment
Sarahmona Przybyla Community Health & Health Behavior
HIV Prevention - Sexual Risk Behavior - Medication Adherence - Health Disparities -  Addiction
Gail Radford History 20th century US public policy – Political economy -- Urban history – Social movements
Samina Raja Urban and Regional Planning Food systems planning - Built environment and health - Healthy communities - Fiscal impacts
Deborah Reed-Danahay Anthropology Immigration - Civic engagement - Postcolonialism - Education - Ethnic associations
Michael Rembis History, Center for Disability Studies 19th Century and 20th Century US - History of Disability - History of Eugenics - History of madness
Chris S. Renschler Geography Community resilience - Watershed management - Environmental modeling - Interdisciplinary communication - Geographic Information Systems
Ryan Rish
Learning & Instruction New/digital literacies - Social media - Civic engagement - Social justice
Sarah Robert Learning & Instruction Teachers' work - Policy - Educational equity - Social studies - Argentina
Adjoa Robinson Social Work Family Caregivers -- Community-based Participatory Research -- Mental Health -- Cultural Competence -- Health Disparities
William Scheider Epidemiology & Environmental Health Community health - Community-based epidemiology - Community empowerment & health - Environmental health of communities
Kristen Schultz Lee Sociology Family - Education - Gender - Aging and the life course - East Asia
Annette Semanchin Jones Social Work Child Welfare - Social Capital Impact - Social Welfare Policy - Strength-based Approaches - Supporting Community/Families
Lynn E. Shanahan Learning & Instruction  
Robert Silverman Urban & Regional Planning Fair housing - Affordable housing - Citizen participation - Race relations - Community development
Korydon Smith Architecture Housing - Social justice - Participatory design - Design education
Darryl Somayaji Nursing Cancer & Health Disparities-Cancer Survivorship- Access/Recruitment/Retention Clinical Trials- Community-partnership
Kristin Stapleton History; Asian Studies Urban history - Chinese history - Popular culture - Police
Michael Stefanone Communication New media - Social networks - Social psychology - Organizational communication
Edward Steinfeld Architecture Universal design - Housing - Transportation - Urban design and planning - Urban technology
Ernest Sternberg Urban & Regional Planning Urban security - Regional economic development - Urban physical planning and infrastructure
Corrie Stone-Johnson Educational Leadership and Policy Educational leadership – Educational change – Teacher leadership – Micropolitics
Despina Stratigakos Architecture Diversity - Gender - Architecture
Debra Street Sociology Health care - Income and employment - Pensions - Retirement - Labor market
Jessica Su Sociology Family - Children and youth - Population - Inequality
Charles Syms Social Work Addictions
Tony Szczygiel Law (emeritus) Aging in community - Public benefits
Debabrata Talukdar Management Economic development - Poverty - Environment - Housing for the poor - Public infrastructure services
Henry Louis Taylor Jr. Urban & Regional Planning; Center for Urban Studies Urban management – Neighborhood planning – Regional development – Race, class, and gender issues in planning – US Urban history
Gwynn Thomas Global Gender Studies Gender and politics - Women's political leadership - Citizenship - State development - Feminist theory
Suzanne Tomkins Law (emeritus) Intimate partner violence prevention – Women’s rights – Social justice
Camilo Trumper Transnational Studies Latin American history – Urban studies – Visual culture – Cultural history
Laurene Tumiel-Berhalter Family Medicine Chronic disease - Patient empowerment - Preventive care - Underserved communities - Primary care
John Violanti Epidemiology & Environmental Health Stress - Cardiovascular disease - First responders - Disasters
Jean Wactawski-Wende Epidemiology & Environmental Health
Epidemiology - Women's health - Cancer - Osteoporosis - Clinical trials
Deborah Waldrop Social Work Aging - End-of-life care - Palliative care - Caregiving - Hospice Decision-making
Christine Wang Learning & Instruction Early education - Literacy and science learning - Ebook/iPad based learning
Hua (Helen) Wang Communication Online community building and development – Communication technology – Health promotion and social change
Mike Mingcheng Wei Operations Management & Strategy Revenue management - Supply chain management - Strategic consumer behavior - Social networks - Transportation networks
Barbara Wejnert Transnational Studies Gender and democracy - Women's health - Violence against women - Market globalization and gender inequality - Women's well-being and health in democratizing Asian, Eastern European, and African countries
Larry Nash White Library & Information Studies Assessment - Organizational Intelligence - Knowledge Management - Leadership - Libraries
Janet Yang Communication Risk information seeking and processing - Decision making - Environmental issues
Randy Yerrick Learning & Instruction Equity and Diversity - Science Education - Culturally Responsive Pedagogy - Discourse Analysis and Autoethnography
Ezra Zubrow Anthropology Human rights - Heritage - Disability - Geography of social policy

Affiliated Faculty

Name Department/School Research Keywords
Sebastiano Andreana Dental Medicine Dentistry - Bone - Behavioral science - Material science
James E. Campbell Political Science American politics - Political parties - elections/ voting - public opinion/polling - election forecasting
Kah Kyung Cho Philosophy Phenomenology - Hermeneutic philosophy - 19th & 20th century continental European philosophy - East/West comparative philosophy
Carol Hosenfeld Learning & Instruction Literacy
James R LaFountain, Jr. Biological Sciences Cell biology - Chromosome segregation - Meiosis - Kinetochores - Microtubules
Mark Sutton Biochemistry Mutagenesis - DNA replication - DNA repair - Pathoadaptation -Pathogenesis
Frank Tutzauer Communication Network analysis - Game theory - Conflict